How to Create a Summer Party Floral Headdress

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As gardens burst into bloom this July, there is no better time to create your own summer headdress. Whether you’re preparing for a garden party, music festival, or simply want to adorn your everyday outfit, we have the perfect DIY project for you.

Materials You Will Need:

– One pair of strong florist scissors

– Plenty of 20cm long black cable ties

– 2mm thick black aluminium craft wire

– One black Alice band with ribbon glued to the bottom to help secure the headdress to your head

– Two black comb slides glued to the Alice band for extra support

– One wig stand

– Greenery foraged from the garden

– Plenty of beautiful blooms

Step 1: Prepare the Wire Base

Cut your aluminium craft wire into four equal lengths. Scrunch, twist, and bend the wire in all directions to create a textured base for the flowers and foliage. The more scrunched up, the better, as this will provide stability for the stems that will be lodged between the wire. Each piece should now roughly measure 14cm long.

Step 2: Attach the Wire to the Alice Band

Using the cable ties, tightly strap the four aluminium cylinders to the Alice band, making sure they are securely fastened all the way around. Your base should now resemble a makeshift crown. We suggest using black materials as they will blend better into your flower crown than silver metallic wire.

Step 3: Add Greenery

With the prep work complete, you can now begin bulking out the headdress with greenery. We used oak leaves and ivy, which are great for covering up the wire. Start by filling in the back so this is smothered in foliage and not just stems poking out from the front. Consider the placement of height to give your headdress added drama and volume.

Step 4: Add Flowers

Once the greenery is in place, start adding your flowers. We suggest using hardy blooms such as hellebores and asters that will take longer to wilt and don’t seep sap, to avoid ruining clothes or irritating skin. Lastly, but most importantly, pay attention to the colour composition and placement of different sized flowers for a beautifully designed headdress. Remember to balance the weight to avoid standing lopsided!

We hope we have inspired you to let your creativity blossom. Head to your garden or local flower market to celebrate summer in all its glory by creating an extravagant headdress. We love to see your creations too, so don’t forget to share your flower crowns with us on Instagram @Kitkempdesignthread.