Using Natural Materials in Design: Stone and Tiles

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Explore how we've integrated our love for natural materials into our designs...

Incorporating natural materials like stone and pebble into our designs brings numerous benefits. These materials forge a connection to the natural world while creating a grounding space. Their textures and colours add depth and visual interest. Stones and pebbles are timeless, often improving with age rather than deteriorating. Our love for natural materials is evident in every space we design. Today on the blog, we are excited to share how we’ve integrated these elements into our designs.

Every bathroom in our hotels features predominantly marble and stone. Our favourite is Arabescato marble, which creates a bright and modern ambiance. The polished chrome tub adds a sleek and serene touch to the space.

For customising tabletops and consoles, we prefer using different types of marble for a sturdy and elegant surface. Any antique piece of furniture can benefit from a marble top, as seen in the characterful consoles below.

In our CP Hart bathroom collaboration, we created the moonlit bathroom. The ground tiling was inset with lit stars and moons, providing a soft glow. Below the dado, we designed midnight blue ceramic tiles with Balineum to complement our Travelling Light wallpaper above. On the shower wall, a hand-painted tile mural based on our RICK RACK fabric design for Christopher Farr echoes the movement of water.

At Crosby Street Hotel, we feature a colourful chandelier made of coloured stoneware tiles from Mud Studio in South Africa. Each piece is imprinted with a design, animal, or character. The strands of tiles dangle down, allowing light to shine through and create a wonderful glow in the event space.

On the top floor of Warren Street Hotel, we have a console by Gareth Devenold Smith that mimics a rock formation. The top is made of blue-dyed stone, enhancing its natural appeal.

Not all our console tables are made of natural materials, but some are inspired by them. In the lobby of Warren Street Hotel, a picturesque frame is created with our skipping stone by Christopher Kurtz. The zig-zagging shapes of the pebbles replicate the motion of stones skipping across a still pond.

Inspiration is often found in tiles and stones for our artworks. At Warren Street Hotel, we feature a playful take on Delft tile by Mimi de Biarritz. Originally, Delft tiles were designed to mimic more expensive Chinese porcelain that was inaccessible to the general population.

Tony Cragg, an Anglo-German sculptor, explores the relationship between people and the material world. He is one of our favourite sculptors because each view of his artworks offers new thoughts and observations. We commissioned a specific sculpture for Ham Yard Hotel, offering a gift to the public as they walk in. Another of his artworks graces our Warren Street lobby, completing the space.

At Warren Street Hotel, we’ve added marble to the countertop in this kitchenette. It provides a chic look while being durable enough to withstand daily wear and use.

We hope you have enjoyed looking at how to incorporate natural materials like stone and tiles into your designs!