The Power of the Console

Day to Day

The console can be found in various locations, serving the dual purposes of storage and display. It is the perfect spot for showcasing decorative items, providing a place to drop personal belongings, and setting the overall tone of the design. Today on the blog, we wanted to shine a light on this special piece of furniture.

Entrance Elegance

As we have shown below, this intricately carved leg console lines the entrance of Warren Street Hotel. Topped with a magnificent large orange tree plant and accompanied by a welcoming stone dog, it sets a charming tone right from the entrance.

Artful Displays

Consoles are ideal for displaying interactive and intriguing art. At Crosby Street Hotel, a simple white wood console supports an artwork from the series ‘A Million Times’ by Humans since 1982. This kinetic sculpture, composed of spinning clocks, subverts traditional timepieces and becomes the focal point, while the console provides understated support.

Grounding Spaces

Long consoles provide grounding within a scheme and complement the spatial layout of a room. Where empty space lies, a console can be added. Balance is created by placing it thoughtfully and adorning it with symmetrical elements from the décor and lighting fixtures.

Small Nooks

Smaller consoles work perfectly in small nooks or empty spaces. At Covent Garden Hotel, we’ve adorned a small console with a bowl of fruit and a horse-and-carriage artwork. These consoles harmonise with the natural elements in the hanging artworks above.

Natural Elements

We are inspired by nature and the natural elements used in materials. Below are two consoles that embody the natural elements of coral and rock formations, showcasing the beauty of organic textures.

Functional Storage

The console is perfect for adding much-needed storage. At Warren Street Hotel and Crosby Street Hotel, we have incorporated texture and pops of colour with our consoles. Iron-wrapped glass fronts align with the overall scheme in the suite at Warren Street Hotel, while orange lacquer adds a vibrant contrast to the artwork above in a room at Crosby Street Hotel.

Outdoor Use

Outdoor consoles provide a spot to add plants, flowers, birdhouses, and décor, as we’ve done on the Roof Terrace at Ham Yard Hotel.

We hope we have inspired you with new ways to use the console table!