Summer Solstice

Day to Day

As we celebrate this summer solstice on Thursday, June 20th, we’d like to share some of the ways we’ve captured the sun’s magic in our spaces...

The summer solstice is upon us, marking the longest and most magical day of the year, heralding the arrival of summer. As we celebrate this summer solstice on Thursday, June 20th, we’d like to share some of the ways we’ve captured the sun’s magic in our spaces.

Recently, we’ve been inspired by Jeff Koons’ installation ‘Apollo Wind Spinner’ at the DESTE Foundation Project Space in Hydra, Greece. This mesmerising blend of classical myth and contemporary artistry towers majestically over the landscape. The kinetic sculpture captures the essence of the sun god, with Koons’ signature reflective surfaces making ‘Apollo’ glisten high on the Mediterranean cliff, paying homage to the sun’s radiant and life-infused energy.

Wrap yourself in a warm embrace with a touch of yellow paint or fabric-lined walls. This immediately bathes your space in a sunlit glow, elevating the atmosphere and creating a sense of joy and vitality, allowing the spirit of the solstice to linger all year round.

Our sunbeam mirror in the drawing room at The Whitby Hotel, paired with vibrant yellow curtains, keeps us feeling lively even during the depths of a New York winter.

Infuse your space with elements that celebrate the sun. Sunburst mirrors radiate joy, and paintings of sunlit landscapes create magical focal points that bring warmth and cheer into your rooms. Strategically position mirrors to reflect and multiply this golden light, especially in basement rooms that lack natural light. In our Spring Room at Crosby Street Hotel, an oversized sunburst mirror effortlessly echoes the sun’s celebratory essence, adding a special sparkle to intimate occasions.

Experiment with textiles in sunny shades of yellow, orange, and gold to weave warmth and cheer throughout your spaces. We love the vibrant Jim Thompson fabric on our headboard in room 708 at Warren Street Hotel, set against bold blue walls that emulate a glorious summer day in the garden.

Enjoy these longer summer days on the terrace at Ham Yard Hotel or in the Sculptural Garden at Crosby Street Hotel with a spritz in hand. Linger in these sun-catching sanctuaries that fill our spirits with the joy of summer.

We’re also excited about Pierre Frey’s whimsical ‘Calanques’ fabric and wallpaper, featuring sun faces and fish swirling through white space—perfect for future schemes!

Bringing the sunshine within is just the beginning. For the exterior facade of Warren Street Hotel, we’ve wrapped the peak of the building in a permanent beam of yellow sunshine, permeating the New York City skyline.

We hope you feel inspired by the magic of the solstice to transform your home into a bright, magical retreat that celebrates the beauty and joy of the longest day of the year.