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Day to Day

Explore some of our favourite ways you have used our fabrics and wallpaper in your designs...

Day to day in the Design Studio, we are not only creating beautiful room schemes but also working on numerous exciting collaborations. We are fortunate to have wallpaper, fabric, and rug collections in partnership with esteemed brands like GP & J Baker, Andrew Martin, Christopher Farr Cloth, and Annie Selke.

Often, we take the time to explore Instagram and see the wonderful ways you have used some of our designs. Join us today as we explore some of our favourite ways you have used our fabrics and wallpaper in your designs.

Taylor and Turner have utilised our ‘Tall Trees’ mural wallpaper, to create a space that transports you to a soft-paletted, mythical forest. This wallpaper is now available in four colourways (Soft Green, Delft Blue, Sunset, and Sepia) as part of our most recent collaborative collection. We love how they have created a harmonious space by incorporating similar earthy green tones in the upholstery, along with warm accents on the wing chair.

Lucy Orr Interiors have beautifully incorporated four different fabrics from our new collection with Christopher Farr Cloth, all in sophisticated blue colourways. The ‘Hotline’ fabric on the sofa features an intricate weave structure that creates a textured stripe. Neutrals have been added by playing with the ‘Little Weed’. ‘Time Teller’, brings in a found-fabric feel, while ‘Busy Lizzie’ in ‘Aqua’ on the cushions ties everything together. This combination of deeper tones, bright whites, and aquas throughout the space perfectly exemplifies our goal of creating collections that can be seamlessly integrated within the same scheme.

Another favourite from the same collection is the ‘Knight’s Tale’ wallpaper, seen below in the ‘Jewel’ colourway. We adore how Jemima Tindle has used it as a feature in a nook, picking out the cheerful hues of dusty pink and blue in the paint, furniture, and accessories, allowing the design to truly stand out.

‘Mythical Land’ is one of our favourite and most popular mural wallpapers in our collaborative collection with Andrew Martin. In the photo below, Courage and Co have designed a romantic attic bedroom, pairing the wallpaper with bright green joinery, which lifts the space and adds a modern touch. In the bathroom, ‘Pear Tree’ in the graphite colourway, has been used. It features a fresh warm white background and a subtle, clean pattern that works well in a bathroom while continuing the story of mythical pear trees and the countryside.

We hope you have enjoyed exploring these designs as much as we have. It is always inspiring to see how each fabric, wallpaper, or rug can be interpreted and used in different spaces!

Below, you can see ‘Jelly Roll’, from our rug collection with Annie Selke. We have always envisioned this as a rug, so it was exciting to see what DIY Mom has created with a bespoke stair runner. The neutral trellis pattern breathes life into the space, exuding an organic rhythm that gracefully guides one down the stairs.