Our Dos and Don’ts for Summer Tablescaping

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Explore our top Dos and Don’ts for refining your perfect summer dining table, ensuring you become the host with the most this season...

With alfresco dining in full swing, we’re excited to share our top Dos and Don’ts for refining your perfect summer dining table, ensuring you become the host with the most this season.

Do Select a Theme

Start by choosing a theme for your summer event. It could be for a special occasion, such as using a friend’s favorite colour for their birthday celebration, or something whimsical like A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Match your floral decorations with your crockery and table linen to fully immerse in the theme. Even better if you can coordinate your table setting with colourful flowers from your garden.

Do Use Matching Sets

For a cohesive and tasteful look, use matching sets of crockery, utensils, and glassware, arranged traditionally for functionality and elegance. Our ‘Tall Trees’ collection made with Spode offers everything you need, from dinner plates to sugar bowls and espresso cups.

Do Pay Attention to Centrepieces

Keep the eye engaged with diverse elements in your table’s centre. Play with varying heights using tall taper candles next to small flower pots, but ensure nothing obstructs the view to maintain easy conversation flows around the table.

Do Layer Your Table

Create depth and texture by adding a patterned tablecloth, colourful napkins, plates, chargers, and candles. This creates a visual feast before any food arrives. Accents of summer-inspired colours and fragrant seasonal flowers will also help bring your table to life.

Don’t Overcrowd the Table

Ensure a comfortable dining experience with enough space for guests to eat and pass sharing plates around easily.

Don’t Allow Dogs at the Table

Unless they are well-mannered and well-behaved!

Don’t Forget Personal Touches

Add personalised elements like place names to show guests they were considered in your seating plan. Going the extra mile with sprigs of flowers on each napkin can make guests feel special.

We believe tablescaping is just as important as the food served. It’s a wonderful opportunity to showcase your creativity and style. If the food and company are equally delightful, you’ll undoubtedly be crowned the host with the most this summer season.