Ode to the Ottoman

Day to Day

We would like to introduce you to our newly designed ottomans now available on Shop Kit Kemp...

At our Design Studio, we’re always on the lookout for ways to infuse spaces with texture and flair. Say goodbye to traditional wooden coffee tables and welcome the soft embrace of an exquisitely upholstered ottoman. On today’s blog we would like to introduce you to our newly designed ottomans now available on Shop Kit Kemp.

More than just a stylish accent, the ottoman is a master of versatility. From serving as a chic coffee table to providing extra seating after a lively dinner party, its adaptability knows no bounds. But that’s not all – with clever storage solutions tucked beneath its skirted sides, the ‘Stella’ ottoman ensures your space remains serene and clutter-free. Bid farewell to blankets, magazines, and remote controls cluttering your living area, and revel in the beauty of seamless organisation.

From bold prints to intricate textures, our ottomans offer a canvas for expression. The ‘Celia’ ottoman, adorned with a striking graphic stripe, commands attention with its larger-than-life presence. Whether serving as a coffee table or an end-of-bed stool, its woven and embroidered detailing exudes sophistication. Intertwined studding on the side panels adds a touch of whimsy, making every glance a delightful discovery.

Wrapped in our GP & J Baker fabric ‘Front Row’, our ottomans become storytellers in their own right. Inspired by an antique tapestry reimagined for the modern palette, this fabric infuses every room with a sense of history and vitality. It’s not just upholstery; it’s a work of art, adding depth and character to any space it graces.

But perhaps the greatest joy of an ottoman lies in its role as a canvas for your cherished treasures. Adorned with a decorative tray filled with candles, books, and beloved objects, it becomes a stage for self-expression. Seasonal rearrangements and fresh blooms bring new life to your space, transforming it into a sanctuary of beauty and inspiration.

Whether as a functional centrepiece or a statement piece of art, it’s time to elevate your space with style and sophistication. Explore our collection available at Shop Kit Kemp here.

Photo Credits: Tory McTernan and Simon Brown