Warren Street Suites and Summer Cocktail Pairings

Day to Day

Explore the delicious cocktails on our menu at Warren Street Hotel and how they perfectly complement our room schemes...

Summer brings refreshing cocktails, sunny happy hours, and bursts of vibrant colour. With summer on the horizon, we’ve been inspired to explore the delicious cocktails on our menu at Warren Street Hotel and how they perfectly complement our room schemes.

Spritz Alpina

Savour the refreshing blend of pamplemousse, rosemary, and sparkling wine in our Spritz Alpina, ideal for sunny spring days. The fresh air and lush plants of our Garden Suite complement the citrusy notes beautifully.

Daisy Clementine

Energise your senses with the tequila-based Daisy Clementine, boasting kumquat, clementine, and saffron. Enjoy it in the warm ambiance of room 707, where the orange hues promise to brighten any cloudy spring day.

G & Trees

Freshen up with the G & Trees, our bartender’s spin on a classic Gin & Tonic, infused with bergamot and coriander. Paired with suite 1102, its light tones and refreshing blues provide a cool respite on hot city days.

Robina Fizz

Savour the freshness of lime and yuzu in the Robina Fizz, with a classic touch from the amaro. Pair it with room 804, where lime accents in the bedroom and a welcoming sitting room ensure a zestful stay.

The Royal Pisco Sour

Transport yourself to the Peruvian capital with The Royal Pisco Sour, featuring a light grape hint fit for royalty. Experience it in suite 1104, where greens and yellows evoke lusher landscapes.

Martini Vert

Immerse yourself in the greenery of the Martini Vert, featuring green apple, cucumber, and celery. Enjoy it in suite 902, where lush green tones symbolise the freshness of spring.

Olive Martini

Embark on a Mediterranean journey with the Olive Martini, surrounded by the scent of saltwater and trees. Pair it with The Terrace Suite, boasting a bold and confident colour scheme.

There are so many more to discover, so come along to Warren Street Hotel and savour the flavours of the season with us!