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Join us on today's blog as we explore the fascinating world of blue plaques in London and discuss Kit's latest podcast with The Blue Plaque Pod...

I’m thrilled to share that I recently participated in an exciting podcast with The Blue Plaque Pod, focusing on the blue plaque at 46 Gordon Square in Bloomsbury. During the episode, I delve into one of my favourite subjects – the Bloomsbury Group, with a special emphasis on Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant. Join us on today’s blog as we explore the fascinating world of blue plaques in London.

Throughout London, you’ll undoubtedly come across elegant blue plaques adorning buildings, serving as subtle reminders of the notable individuals who once inhabited or worked in these spaces. With over 1,000 plaques scattered across the capital, ranging from humble abodes to grand estates, the aim is to pay tribute to the remarkable men and women of the past. The plaque scheme dates back to 1866, making it one of the world’s oldest of its kind.

This year marked the launch of an exciting new history podcast, ‘The Blue Plaque Pod,’ hosted by bestselling author Kassia St Clair, known for her captivating works like ‘The Secret Life of Colour’ and ‘The Golden Thread.’ In each episode, Kassia engages with a cultural icon to delve into the lives commemorated by these blue plaques.

Exploring our local area, we were astounded by the diversity of plaques we encountered, from Bob Marley to Cecil Beaton and even Francis Bacon – a testament to the rich history and tales embedded within our surroundings.

I was truly thrilled to join the Blue Plaque Pod on their latest episode, where we delved into the unveiling of the Vanessa Bell (1876 – 1961) and Duncan Grant (1885 – 1978) blue plaque on 46 Gordon Square in Bloomsbury, London. This historic house served as the epicenter of the Bloomsbury Group’s creativity and intellectual pursuits. It’s a significant gesture, honouring two influential figures in 20th-century British art, and notably recognising a woman’s name, a rarity among London’s predominantly male-celebrated plaques.

You can listen to the full episode here.