Our Signature Lamps at Warren Street Hotel

Day to Day

On today's blog we are exploring our new one-of-a-kind lamps at Warren Street Hotel...

Throughout our new Warren Street Hotel, we have showcased our one-of-a-kind lamps designed by Kit Kemp. These lamps, named the ‘Bobbin’, ‘Bow’ and our ‘Rockin’ Robin’, highlight the fusion of traditional and contemporary design. These lamps are extremely versatile and they effortlessly enhance various room aesthetics. With attention to detail, these lamps create a unique ambiance that brightens up a space.

Introducing the ‘Bobbin’ lamp which comes in a vibrant blue and green. The Bobbin lamp injects a burst of colour into any space. Often overlooked, this lamp adds an unexpected element of playfulness and charm, with its curvy design infusing energy and movement. It has quickly become a favourite in our design studio, bringing a sense of personality to every room, especially when placed on desks in our Warren Street Hotel rooms.

Our beloved collaboration with Porta Romana, resulted in the creation of the enchanting ‘Rockin’ Robin’ light. Inspired by the freedom and whimsy of Alexander Calder’s mobile and stabile designs, this unique light features glowing suspended porcelain eggs that emit a warm and inviting glow, symbolising the promise of new beginnings. You’ll find the ‘Rockin’ Robin’ light adorning many of the rooms at Warren Street Hotel, adding a touch of charm and elegance to each space.

On the other hand, the ‘Bow’ lamp, available in stunning green and blue tones, boasts a unique design that artfully combines different shapes and lines. This lamp adds an authentic charm and artistic flair to our hotel rooms. We love incorporating our Bow lamps on side tables and consoles, as they make a bold and striking statement while effortlessly tying the room’s schemes together.

Whether you prefer a lamp with curvy movement like the Bobbin or one with a more substantial and rounded appearance like the Bow, these lamps offer the perfect solution to illuminate your space with style and sophistication. We hope to inspire you with effortless ways to infuse personality and vibrancy into your own space with these exquisite lamps. Our Bobbin and Bow lamps will be available to buy on Shop Kit Kemp soon!