Happy Holi: How we Celebrate Colour at Warren Street Hotel

Day to Day

Join us as we celebrate Holi by showcasing some of our most colourful schemes at our new Warren Street Hotel…

Holi, the Hindu festival commemorating the arrival of spring, symbolises new life, the victory of good over evil, and love. Traditionally, it ushers in a riot of vivid colours, with the streets of India adorned in powdered paint as friends and family joyfully engage in playful festivities. The traditional hues of red, green, and yellow each carry distinct meanings; red symbolises love, while green represents new beginnings. This year, falling on Monday, March 25th, we found it fitting to showcase some of our most colourful schemes at our new Warren Street Hotel.

As you step into the hotel, you’re greeted by our most vibrant lobby yet! Bold colour blocking in sunny yellow, grassy green, cobalt blue, and warming orange creates a modern and striking entrance.

Throughout the hotel, vivid artworks and multi-coloured vintage textiles upholstered on antique benches add further pops of colour. The dynamic interplay between antique and modern elements enhances visual interest, enriching the palette of each piece.

Complementing this vibrant display is our ‘Zig Zag’, poppy grasscloth wallpaper, a collaboration with Christopher Farr Cloth, infusing the classic zigzag motif with lively hues and contemporary flair.

Venturing into the Garden Suite, you’ll find yourself surrounded by joyful colours and fabrics. Yellow, the lightest hue on the spectrum, uplifts and reenergises, evident even in the smallest details like the buttercup yellow piping on the desk chair.

We hope you have enjoyed this whistle-stop tour around some of our favourite and most colourful spaces at Warren Street Hotel.

Finally, in room 306, spring comes to life in full bloom. The statement headboard adorned with Mind the Gap’s ‘Susie Q’ fabric, featuring pink florals and whimsical peace sign motifs, exudes an elegant yet whimsical charm. Block colours on the walls echo the vibrancy of the headboard, creating a harmonious and inviting ambiance.