Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

Day to Day

As the world prepares for St. Patrick's Day, we are excited to unveil ways to infuse your spaces with a dash of Irish charm...

March 17th heralds the arrival of St. Patrick’s Day, a celebration honouring the patron saint of Ireland, resonating across the globe. As the world prepares to drench itself in emerald hues, we are excited to unveil ways to infuse your spaces with a dash of Irish charm!

This suite at Warren Street Hotel, epitomises tailored and timeless design, radiating sophistication and delight. Step into this one-bedroom suite and be greeted by ‘Monsoon’, a magnificent grass cloth wallpaper adorned with delicate birds nestled amidst abstract tree-like motifs. The sofa showcases a bold geometric pattern complemented by Christopher Farr’s vibrant fabric ‘Criss Cross’ adorning the chairs, infusing the space with contemporary allure.

As you walk into this room, the walls don a pinstripe wallpaper accentuated with green embroidered details, exuding a refined masculine aesthetic. The floral fabric adorning the headboard adds a breath of freshness and texture to the room, inviting tranquillity.

For a subtle infusion of green into your spaces, consider adorning them with accessories. Our Bobbin and Bow lamps, designed by Willow Kemp, now grace the rooms at Warren Street Hotel, soon to be available at Shop Kit Kemp.

Green and yellow harmonise effortlessly in this room at The Whitby Hotel, evoking the essence of spring and vitality through vibrant hues.

Our latest collaboration with GP & J Baker showcases an array of greens through intricate weaves and prints. In Apartment 21 at Ham Yard Hotel, we have combined them with red, crafting a romantic and sophisticated ambiance. Explore more about this exciting collaboration here.

We hope that this blog has sparked inspiration, encouraging you to incorporate green into your homes. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!