The Balloon Backed Chair

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Dive into the world of the balloon backed chair and learn about the unique design features that set our 'Susan' chair apart...

Dining chairs are more than just functional pieces of furniture, they embody comfort, style and the essence of social gatherings. Among the rich tapestry of dining chair styles throughout history, the balloon-backed dining chair emerges as a timeless classic. Our homage to this iconic design comes in the form of the ‘Susan’ chair, lovingly named after a cherished member of our team who devoted 35 years to our craft. Infusing this classic silhouette with contemporary flair, we’re excited to share some of the unique design features that set the ‘Susan’ chair apart.

Leather Handles

Each ‘Susan’ chair boasts a brightly coloured leather handle, seamlessly blending modern aesthetics with traditional charm. Beyond its visual appeal, this feature adds practicality, making seating a breeze and enhancing the overall user experience. Beautifully showcased below in the restaurant at Warren Street Hotel and The Orangery at Number Sixteen.

Flange Trim

Adding an extra touch of whimsy, our balloon-backed chairs feature a flange trim, crafted with pinking shears, highlighting the intricate craftsmanship of upholstery. Below at Refuel, we have used an orange flange trim to highlight the contrasting coloured fabric on the back of the chairs.

Nickel Studs

Metallic studs, a hallmark of upholstery craftsmanship, serve not only as a practical function but also offer decorative flair. In our restaurant at Ham Yard Hotel, we’ve adorned the bottom of The Susan Chair backs with nickel studs, lending a smart and contemporary finish. Studding presents an effortless way to elevate the ambiance of any space, so don’t hesitate to indulge in this timeless detail.

Combining Fabrics

The expansive surface of the ‘Susan’ chair allows for creative exploration with fabric combinations, showcasing diverse textures and patterns. In the restaurant at Warren Street Hotel, we’ve juxtaposed a small-scale geometric fabric on the front with a delicate floral design on the back, adding visual intrigue and depth. Our top tip is to experiment with using decorative fabrics on the back of the chair to infuse personality while ensuring durability with a robust fabric on the seat.

We hope this blog has inspired you to breathe new life into your balloon-backed chairs and explore the endless possibilities of design. Discover our ‘Susan’ chair collection at Shop Kit Kemp here.