Same Fabric: Different Schemes (Heart of Oak)

Day to Day

In today's blog, we delve into the innovative ways we've utilised our 'Heart of Oak' fabric across its various colourways to craft distinct and captivating designs...

At our Design Studio, we love the challenge of transforming the same fabric into entirely new and exhilarating schemes. In today’s blog, we delve into the innovative ways we’ve utilised our ‘Heart of Oak’ fabric across its various colourways to craft distinct and captivating designs.

In this Suite at Number Sixteen, we opted for the ‘Evergreen’ colourway for both the headboard and mannequin, complemented by light green fabric walling to enhance the fabric’s vibrancy. To draw focus to the headboard, we selected a subdued geometric fabric for the curtains. We introduced a tester bed to add a touch of grandeur and to further enhance the romantic ambiance.

As we wanted to make a bold statement with the ‘Oak’ colourway, we decided to upholster our signature mannequin in the same captivating hue.

In The Soho Suite, we chose the vibrant ‘Oak’ green colourway, accentuated with hints of blues, oranges and yellows. The soft yellow walling was deliberately selected to harmonise with the yellow tones in this colourway, resulting in a soothing and cohesive scheme.

In this room at Ham Yard Hotel, we opted for the ‘Eucalyptus’ colourway on our ‘Flora’ Headboard. The colours harmonise with the silhouette in a contemporary and organic manner, beautifully showcasing the fabric’s repeat pattern. To enhance the space in this smaller room, we chose a soft blue hue for the walls, grounding the atmosphere and fostering a serene ambiance.

We hope you’ve enjoyed looking at how the same fabric can be transformed into diverse schemes, each with its own unique story.

Considering scale is crucial in smaller rooms: pairing larger-scale print curtains with a tighter stripe on the end-of-bed stool, creates a sense of balance and visual interest, ensuring the space feels harmonious and well-proportioned. We used a graphic patterned fabric by Barbara Osorio for the curtains and a Pierre Frey weave for the footstall. They both beautifully echo the vibrant colour of the headboard, establishing a cohesive red thread that runs throughout the scheme and enhances its flow.