Symbols of the New Year in Design

Day to Day

From life-affirming sun to the powerful phoenix, we take a closer look at some of the symbols in design...

As we progress further into the New Year we focus on what is to come. It is a chance to set expectations and get excited about upcoming projects. Join us as we share symbols of the New Year in our designs…


The sun symbolises the beginning of a new day and offers the chance to start over. It is a harmonious symbol to represent the New Year with its representation of a fresh start. The sun symbol can be found in The Whitby Hotel’s Drawing Room with its antique gilded sunbeam mirror illuminating the space.

In the Araminta Room of The Whitby Hotel, there is a small collection of golden sunburst wall lights. Don’t they create a cheerful impression?


The ancient Egyptian symbol of the scarab beetle is a symbol of the New Year as it represents creation and resurrection. They serve on the earth to bring necessary changes to allow creation to keep moving forward. Here in The Whitby Hotel we have encased papier-mache scarabs and beetles as artworks to add pops of colour and character.

One of our sunniest schemes is at Covent Garden Hotel where we have lined the walls with our Willow fabric for Christopher Farr in lemon. Alongside the walls, the golden yellow curtains and embellishments of the handcrafted headboard, amplifies the sense of sunshine beaming through.


Cherries symbolise starting a new chapter in life or starting over with a sense of optimism. Here in The Soho Hotel’s Drawing Room we have a selection of pastries including cherry tarts made from felt!


Robins are promises of new beginnings. They also symbolise cheer and light heartedness which are both qualities to bring into the New Year. Their eggs represent hope of a new beginning. Our Rockin Robin designs for Porta Romana are a celebration of the robin bird and their wondrous eggs.


The mythical phoenix bird which dies by flame and rises anew in its own ashes symbolises the nonstop rebirth and new beginnings of the New Year. Phoenix-like birds can be spotted in our Mythical Creatures for Chelsea Textiles design as well as our Mythical Creatures china collection.

We hope you’ve enjoyed exploring these examples and from all of us at our Design Studio, we hope you have fulfilling 2024.