Winter Martini Garden at Ham Yard Hotel

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Come and savour the magic of the season at our Winter Martini Garden at Ham Yard Hotel...

Come and savour the magic of the season at our Winter Martini Garden, open from November 15th to December 31st. Join us on the hidden 4th Floor Terrace of Ham Yard Hotel, where we’ve teamed up with Sipsmith to craft an enchanting experience.

Embrace the warmth of our terrace as you relax amidst tartan blankets, cosy up with hot water bottles, and delight in an array of smoked and steaming hot cocktails. Filled with heaters and flickering candles, providing the perfect ambiance for you to unwind and indulge in the delightful flavours of the season.

While the precise origins of the martini remain shrouded in history, it is said to have emerged around 1882. Legend has it that the martini evolved from a cocktail known as the Martinez, which was frequently enjoyed in the town of Martinez, California. The secret to a perfect martini is a balanced mix of sweet and dry vermouth.

The 4th-floor terrace is home to two thriving beehives and a flourishing vegetable garden. The rooftop oasis provides the perfect haven for urban bees, with over 20,000 residents. The honey they produce, starting from our very first batch in 2015, is a key ingredient at the Ham Yard Bar and inspired the Beekeeper Martini.

Among the 15 innovative cocktails crafted by the talented mixologists at Ham Yard, in collaboration with Sipsmith’s Master Distiller, Jared Brown, you’ll find a remarkable menu that includes:

The Pharmaceutical – a warm and zesty orange twist on the classic espresso martini, a delightful addition to the Ham Yard x Sipsmith legacy.

Red Hot Snapper – a modern spin on the beloved savoury cocktail, featuring Sipsmith’s Master Distiller Jared Brown’s homemade smoked gin.

Beekeeper Martini – Drawing inspiration from the resident bees on the Ham Yard roof terrace, this extraordinary cocktail infuses the magic of a beekeeper’s smoker for an unforgettable experience.

Don’t miss the opportunity to join us this winter as we invite you to savour hot martinis and fire-cooked delights on our rooftop terrace. To find out more and to book your tickets visit our website here. We can’t wait to welcome you!