Gems and Jewels: Elevating Design

Day to Day

Our top picks from our recent visit to the American Museum of Natural History's exquisite Hall of Gems...

Our recent visit to the American Museum of Natural History’s exquisite Hall of Gems left us mesmerised. With over 2,000 natural gems, carvings, and jewellery pieces on display, it was a kaleidoscope of colours and sparkle crafted by Mother Nature herself. Among the breath-taking exhibits, the ‘Butterfly of Peace’ stood out, boasting 240 diamonds, each representing a unique fancy diamond in every imaginable shade.

This experience reminded us of our own integration of gems and jewels in our designs throughout our hotels. Carla Kranendonk’s vibrant and intricate creations have found a special place in many of our hotels. Her artistry often adorns our spaces with women in her paintings surrounded by treasures. At Haymarket Hotel’s Brumus Bar and Restaurant, the ‘Reclining Woman’ takes centre stage. Her shoes and purses are embellished with precision, while her jewellery radiates opulence. A similar aesthetic can be enjoyed at The Whitby Bar, where the Standing Woman proudly showcases her fabulous accessories.

Stepping into the Drawing Room at Ham Yard Hotel, you’ll be greeted by galleon chandeliers adorned with intricately beaded crystals. Their sparkle and luminance infuse a touch of luxury into the room’s ambiance.

Our commitment to the art of adornment extends to The Crosby Bar, where our seasonal hat recommendations for the Queen are a delightful sight. These hats, bedecked with whimsical details and embellishments, never fail to captivate onlookers.

Sanaa Gateja’s mixed media artworks, crafted from recycled paper beads, create the illusion of a myriad of glistening gemstone hues. We’re thrilled to announce that some of Gateja’s works will soon grace our new Warren Street Hotel in New York’s Tribeca.

Additionally, applied gems embellish numerous frames in our hotels, adding an unexpected element of joy and colour to what is often overlooked in artwork.

Our penchant for beauty extends to decorative objects throughout our spaces. The exquisite shell boxes by Mimi de Biarritz, adorned with shells and gem accents, can be discovered in our shop at Bergdorf Goodman.

We hope that this blog showcases how the inclusion of gems can transform and elevate various aspects of design.