Into The Woods

Day to Day

Join us on a journey as we venture into the woods within our interiors...

It’s no secret that we love interiors with captivating narratives. There’s an enduring magic in stepping into an enchanted woodland forest, where towering trees, meandering streams, and delightful creatures beckon. This timeless allure is why woodland elements hold a special place in our hearts, offering boundless opportunities for enhancing character. Join us on a journey as we venture into the woods within our interiors.


Our mural wallpapers by Andrew Martin effortlessly transport you to enchanted realms. Pictured in Covent Garden Hotel’s Loft Suite, a mythical land comes to life. Giant pears seem to dance in the breeze, while winged creatures soar above.

Another gem is our Tall Trees collection with Spode, where misty hues whisk you away to an enchanted forest filled with towering trees and curious creatures. We adore this design so much that we have expanded it into a tableware collection. Its calming, yet detailed woodland scene is a captivating addition to any space.

Here we have our Lantern Parade wallpaper design for Andrew Martin, where woodland creatures frolic at dusk beneath a rising moon. Moody tones create a soothing backdrop, and earthy florals and curious critters allow you to infuse romance into your design.


Our fabrics, notably ‘Wychwood’ for Andrew Martin, continues the woodland theme. Rolling hills and leaping foxes spin tales of folklore. Pair them with our wallpaper in the reverse colorway and a rich, harmonious story unfolds.


From vibrant mushrooms under cloches to whimsically carved creations with branches plucked from nature, you’ll discover woodland-inspired décor woven into our designs. Infusing a touch of nature into a room with organic shapes and textures is a fabulous way to bring the space to life.

While not directly inspired by the woods, our Ashenwood fabric has three colourways: Autumn, Summer and Spring, paying homage to the changing seasons.


Our applique designs often depict animals amidst trees and streams, or meticulously placed flowers and leaves. When we designed our ‘Secret Garden’ for Bergdorf Goodman we combined wallpaper, décor and applique to create a magical scene brimming with untamed whimsy and intrigue.

Explore Shop Kit Kemp to bring a touch of our woodland enchantment into your home. Let the magic of the woods captivate your living space.