Celebrating Animals within Design

Day to Day

In our designs, we often introduce clever little creatures as they bring a sense of whimsical and playful delight. Join us as we explore some examples...

Our hotels are not only a home to our guests, they are enchantingly inhabited by all sorts of creatures great and small. In our designs, we often introduce clever little creatures as they bring a sense of whimsical and playful delight. Join us as we explore some examples…

Our recently launched collection of wallpapers for Andrew Martin offer a gateway to a world where imagination knows no bounds. In our ‘Lantern Parade’ design, you’ll find nature’s shy creatures celebrated in the glow of the moon.

Is that a lantern the hare is holding, or just the reflection of dew-drenched flowers in the water? We will never know. We see magic every time Lantern Parade reveals itself on our walls. It is endlessly fascinating.” – Kit

Perhaps our most loved creatures are the mythical ones. First designed to be hand embroidered on to a fabric by Chelsea Textiles, we knew these romantic and fascinating creatures would be the perfect companions to our tea and dinner service with Wedgwood. The design features fish, fowl and four-legged creatures, borne solely from the imagination, joyfully making their way through the Tree of Life in all their finery and colours.

On our travels we often stumble across other endearing figures which we can’t resist but introduce to our Firmdale family. An assortment of wooden animals can be found in the Orangery at Ham Yard; a pair of wooden leopards guard the Terrace Suite at The Soho Hotel and a twosome of driftwood crocodiles climb the discotheque butterfly covered walls by Christian Lacroix in the Croc Bar at the Ham Yard Hotel.

In Room 109 at Charlotte Street Hotel, the walls are surrounded by birds, mythical creatures, towering trees and rolling hills fading into the distance.

While some creatures are cleverly hidden in our designs, some are the talk of the town, namely our beloved over-sized cats by Colombian sculptor, Fernanda Botero.

At The Soho Hotel, as soon as you enter the front door, you’re immediately confronted by the 10-foot-tall bronze Botero cat sculpture. It’s so large that the lobby had to be built around him in all his grandeur. Over in New York we have Crosby the Cat, a 12-foot bronze sculpture.

Perched on our reception desk at The Whitby Hotel is a beautiful beaded parrot lamp – it always makes our guests smile upon arrival! Explore some more inspiring examples of beautiful beads here.

Hotels so often feel cellophane wrapped and these whimsical creatures pique curiosity and delight the senses in an adventurous and colourful way, making a stay with us wonderful in every sense.

Next time you come to stay at our hotels we encourage you to seek out our friendly characters.