The Beauty of Beads

Day to Day

Join us as we celebrate the beauty of beads and share some inspiring examples...

Beads have been used for millennia by humans in artworks and jewellery. They bring an enormous amount of charm and joy with a rich artistic expression through their use in craft. Join us as we celebrate the beauty of beads and share some inspiring examples…


We start our journey with our wonderful Beaded Stools. Available from Shop Kit Kemp, they have an organic shape, bringing texture through chunky clay beads. They’ll inject a sense of fun within any space!

This wonderful vintage stool was crafted by the artistically renowned Bamileke people of Cameroon. Made from wood, jute and very fine glass beads, it makes a joyful piece. We love its vibrant colours!

Yoruba chairs from Nigeria have been gaining popularity in recent years and we can certainly see why. These strong graphic decorations require patience and precision from a craftsperson.


In Knightsbridge Hotel’s Drawing Room, we see tightly packed, small glass and ceramic beads used to upholster the back of these antique chairs. This creates a fun contrast.


We love these clustered pendant lights used in a residential project completed by our Design Studio. The fine glass beads remind us of a beautiful textured weave with their vibrant colours and pattern.

Perched on our reception desk at The Whitby Hotel is a beautiful beaded parrot lamp – it always makes our guests smile upon arrival!

These French metal and glass beaded pendants in our Drawing Room at Ham Yard Hotel give a soft and soothing glow, reminding us of creatures from the deep ocean.

Art & Fashion

This wonderful photograph by Justin Locke for National Geographic was taken in 1951. Here, two young men are dressed as Chinelos (costumed dancers) for a carnival in Tepoztlán, Mexico. The hats are decorated in sequins and glass beads displaying the local flora and fauna typical of the area.

Mixed-media artist Sanaa Gateja is widely known for his signature incorporation of recycled man-made materials in his practice, particularly his pioneering fashioning of beads from discarded paper, which earned him the nickname ‘The Bead King’ in Uganda. We are excited to be finding a home for some of Gateja’s pieces at our upcoming Warren Street Hotel in New York.

We love this wonderfully detailed beaded sphere by artist Yvonne Kuriata called ‘Coral Carnivale’. Yvonne has really pushed the boundaries with the material to create a unique and quirky sculpture.

These decorative embroidered beaded bags are made by the Wabanaki people of New England. Beaded goods and other decorative domestic items were a source of income for nomadic natives during the 19th century.

We hope you’ve enjoyed exploring the beauty of beads. See also our blog post: A Beady Eye – Using Beads in Design.