Fabric Focus: Romany Weave

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Get to know this versatile fabric design of ours - Romany Weave...

Romany Weave is one of our woven fabrics designed for Christopher Farr Cloth. Well known for their skilled craftsmanship, this fabric was inspired by the antique Romanian weave fabrics that were often used on traditional outfits and in their interiors. Available in four colourways, the design incorporates different colours, playing with scale through the alternating thickness of stripes. We love the delicate embroidered double crosses which create layers and texture while also adding a pop of colour. Join us and explore a few schemes where we’ve incorporated this versatile fabric.

The aqua colourway was used in this residential project on the corner sofa of a family room. Here, the piping is in the Romany weave which gives a more relaxed look. With some unique applique cushions perched on top, you get a real feel for how this fabric sits somewhere between tailored and crafty!

On this wicker sofa you can see the indigo colourway which adds sophistication to the overall relaxed appearance. It’s the perfect fabric to help create an indoor outdoor vibe.

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At Dorset Square Hotel a bespoke colourway for Romany Weave has been used with rich green and orange hues. It creates a bold contrast against the walls which are painted in ‘Ointment Pink’ by Farrow & Ball. When using these rich tones it can create a heavy scheme, but the crisp white elements of the fabric bring balance and create a sense of freshness.

Upon closer inspection, you can see the vibrant colours of the embroidered, intricate patterns that we love!

In our recently redesigned room 202 at Covent Garden Hotel, the aqua colourway can be seen in a prominent position on the end of bed stool. This has a blended mix of teal, aqua and hints of sophisticated darker blues. Paired with contrasting blue piping, the fabric’s tones create a tailored and grounded look. Explore the space further here.