The Serpentine Summer Pavilion

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We take a look at this year's summer pavilion design and some of our favourites from years gone by...

Just a stone’s throw away from our design studio in South Kensington is the Serpentine Gallery. Each summer we take a front row seat to the construction and subsequent anticipation in the lead up to the grand opening of the gallery’s Summer Pavilion.

Since 2000, each year a different studio from around the world has been tasked with the brief of designing a temporary structure to house a variety of musical performances and public events throughout the summer season

This year, Paris-based Lebanese architect Lina Ghotmeh is the mastermind behind the Pavilion’s design. Her goal is to shift our approach to the earth’s resources from a primal relationship into a sustainable one. As such, the Pavilion has been constructed predominantly from bio-sourced and low-carbon materials.

The Pavilion is titled À table – a French call to sit together at the table – literally translating to ‘Come to the Table’. The circular design was chosen to symbolise this concept by mirroring a round table. It aims to function as a call to action – encouraging a conversation around current affairs as well as welcoming the sharing of ideas, memories and history.

The pleats overhead mimic the palm frond providing a low set roof that adds to the intimate ambience and feeling of being ‘cocooned’.

As part of the nature-inspired design, the cut-out patterns on the perimeter walls create the illusion sweeping leaves, allowing the sunlight to filter into the space and weaving lacy shadows throughout.

The roof overhead takes inspiration from togunas: structures found in Mali, West Africa. They are traditionally used for community gatherings to discuss current issues, and also offer shade and relief from heat.

The Serpentine Pavilion is open from 9th June – 29th October at the Serpentine Gallery in London’s Hyde Park.

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