Artist Focus: Kristin Romberg

Day to Day

Taking inspiration from nature, Kristin's large scale paintings are created with the intention of emanating joy, happiness and serenity.

Art is the expression of our imagination. Kristin Romberg is a Norwegian visual artist who uses her art as a tool to explore the world around her. Taking inspiration from nature, her large scale paintings are created with the intention of emanating joy, happiness and serenity. The unique nature of her art provides Kristin with a sense of belonging and the ability to express her authentic self.

Kandinsky said colour “influences the soul” and it is this that is at the heart of Kristin’s work. She uses colour as her form of communication with the belief that it ignites the power of emotions within us. After every storm, colours emerge through the magic of rainbows. People are challenged by expressing how they feel, however, design provides an outlet for doing so. In turn, it helps bring us together, providing a foundation for creating peace.

Kristin’s work shows the magic of our imagination and creativity. A blank canvas is the stepping stone to expressing our thoughts and dreams. In such a fast-paced world, design helps slow the chaos around us, providing a moment of stillness through the immersive journey of creating. Connection between the mind and paintbrush allows us to create truly authentic pieces. It is by letting your imagination run wild that one learns to be present and appreciate the beauty and inspiration that is to be found in the elements around us.

In her exhibitions in Denmark she uses thread to display her art. The illusion of a web creates a connection not only between the audience and each painting between each person within the space. The exhibition space relies on natural lighting to create a sense of calm and belonging within this connection.

Your space is the stage for your inspiration. We begin with a blank canvas that is brought to life through design. By expressing ourselves through creativity, an empty space is transformed into a home to build memories in.

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