Design Project: Heart of Oak

Day to Day

The best patterns are made to be evolved and we've been working on an update that we're incredibly excited to share with you.

One of the hallmarks of a great pattern is versatility. An inherent adaptability that enables it to be transformed into something new and interesting, something that stands the test of time. These patterns are a joy to transform and we’re currently working on one that we wanted to share with you: Heart of Oak.

Heart of Oak, in its first iteration was originally an embroidered design – you might recognise it from a collection we created in few years ago for Fine Cell Work.

We’re now developing the pattern into a printed fabric design with Simeon Turnbull from Rosebank Fabrics. From our original artwork, we’ve played with the scale and chosen four strong, vibrant colourways that we hope will make your heart sing!

The next step was to pick the ground cloth.  We decided that a textured twill cloth would suit the design better than linen, which is a little flatter. It’s soft and the texture helps to give the colours added depth. You can see the difference between the two cloths in the picture below (twill on the left and linen on the right).

We started by looking at the repeat and decided that this would work best if it was slightly bigger. We then picked a series of colourways that each told their own story, but still spoke to one another and felt cohesive as a collection. In these initial stages, the designs were printed on paper.

We’ve already started dreaming up new room schemes for these fabrics and can’t wait for you to see Heart of Oak in action. Watch this space….