Can You Handle It?

Day to Day

Join us as we celebrate our Handle Chairs and explore where we've used them...

The chair is a familiar object and we couldn’t imagine life without them. Whether you’re a designer or not, moving chairs throughout a space can be quite the mission! Enter our Handle Chair – this familiar design blends traditional charm with contemporary flair. With its own timber handle, the chair is easy to grab and move. Join us as we celebrate our Handle Chairs and explore where we’ve used them.

At our commercial office project Richmond Buildings, these Handle Chairs bring bursts of colour and pattern. We designed some of the Handle Chairs to match with the fabric walls, whilst other chairs have block colours including coral and blue with green piping. It’s exciting to mix fabrics and create the unexpected.

Bespoke applique is one of our favourite elements in design because not only does it add layers of interest and texture, it also provides the opportunity to tell your own visual narrative. In Room 400 at The Soho Hotel, we created a mystical fantasy cascading through the skies and seas on our headboard and continued this story through to the handle chair. This effortlessly ties the room together.

In this example, we’ve added piping to draw attention to our Handle Chair’s renowned feature – its handle!

Piping, studding and trims can be used to create a striking distinction between different textiles. We’ve done just that with our Handle Chair in Dorset Square Hotel’s Drawing Room and in Room 112 at Charlotte Street Hotel. See our blog post ‘Small Details, Big Impacts‘ for more ideas.

We hope you’ve felt compelled to get creative and design your own chairs to be full of character and charm. If you’d like to get a handle on one of our own Handle Chairs visit Shop Kit Kemp to discover more.

Sometimes keeping your design plain and simple is the way to go, but that doesn’t mean it has to be lacklustre. In Room 500 at Charlotte Street Hotel, we designed our Handle Chairs in a mix of plain red leather as well as contrasting patterned fabric. This creates a sense of eccentricity.

We love creating works of art in unusual ways and using the back of a chair as your canvas is always a delight. We love Nina Campbell’s Ashdown fabric and used her design to create a fun focal point on the back of this Handle Chair.