Martinis, Art & Jazz

Day to Day

Join us as we explore a few drinks based around some of our favourite works of art around Haymarket Hotel...

Originating in New Orleans in the second half of the 19th century, jazz was born from syncopated rhythms with a heavy emphasis on improvisation. A mix of the musical tradition of West African rhythm paired with European harmonies, the genre’s popularity boomed during the ‘roaring twenties’ along with the iconic speakeasies and flapper girls. The drink of choice to keep the party going? A martini cocktail. Although widespread theories suggest the martini originated as a commuter drink in San Francisco, the libation quickly became popular worldwide with endless variations. We say cheers to that!

In tradition of our weekly Thursday Martinis and Jazz, Brumus Bar at Haymarket Hotel has developed an innovative new cocktail menu drawing inspiration from the art around the hotel. This menu is sure to inspire and tantalise your taste buds whilst you enjoy the sounds of our resident jazz duo Georgia Chanel and Joe Guy. Whether you’re looking for something a bit sweeter on the nose or savoury and complex, there is a potion that is sure to delight. Join us as we explore a few drinks based around some of our favourite works of art around Haymarket Hotel…


Colourful and vibrant, the ‘Pop Art’ inspired cocktail is refreshing, light and herbal. The artist Joe Tilson was one of the founding figures of British Pop Art being an enthusiastic proponent of optimism and political activism. Based on Joe Tilson’s pieces found in Haymarket Hotel’s lobby, the drink features Gin, Acqua di Cedro, house made camomile syrup, eucalyptus soda, Darjeeling bitter and lemon. Served in a highball and creatively garnished with edible paint around the rim with dry chamomile.


The fine, copper-wire sculpture by prominent Korean artist Cheong Kwang-Ho in the Conservatory combines fragile beauty with a three-dimensional take on the concept of drawing. It was only natural that the cocktail inspired by this piece be as delicate and refreshing. ‘The Leaf’ cocktail is a mix of Roku gin, Sake, elderflower liqueur and garnished with a coral tuile.


Taking centre stage in Haymarket Hotel’s lobby, this stainless steel sculpture by Tony Cragg is titled ‘Constant Change’. The profile of the art is constantly changing as the viewer walks around it. The sculpture is in essence an elliptical construction, made up of horizontal elliptical layers, placed on top of each other like geological strata. Full bodied and complex, the ‘Constant Change’ cocktail is a tantalising mix of Remy Martin cognac, Taylor port, apple, blackberry syrup, lemon and soda.


Proudly displayed throughout Haymarket Hotel, you can find a collection by the famed photorealist artist Peter Rocklin. His art draws you in with its vivid and dynamic snapshots of still life. Taking inspiration from the London Taxi in Cuban Colours, the cocktail inspired by this artwork is a twist on the classic Old Fashioned with a tobacco aroma. A mix of rum, banana liquor, tobacco bitter served on a chocolate ice block is sure to kick you back into a chilled vibe.

Come and unwind and let the weekend begin early. Join us on Thursdays at Brumus from 6pm to 7.30pm to enjoy live jazz, a variety of these delicious martinis and of course, art! We hope to see you soon.


As moody and compound as John Virtue’s landscape, the cocktail inspired after this painting is equally as complex and smoky, making it a sophisticated after dinner drink. The ‘Last Painting of London’ cocktail is expertly crafted with Balvenie 12 year whiskey, Talisker 10 year whiskey, discarded vermouth, banana liquor, angostura bitter and a molasses syrup served in a metal flask and poured over a stamped ice rock.