National Tea Day

Day to Day

On Thursday 21st April, National Tea Day was celebrated in the UK, so join us as we explore tea-inspired designs and historical teapots...

Tea warms the heart which is why we’re such lovers of the ancient drink and its traditions. On Thursday 21st April, National Tea Day was celebrated in the UK, so join us as we explore tea-inspired designs and historical teapots that are being exhibited by the Met Museum and the V&A Museum.

The Teapot

The teapot originates in China and dates back to 1500 AD. Characteristics of the teapot have changed throughout history including their material and shape. The first known teapot is the ‘Yixing’ teapot from China, which is made of purple clay and is known for its ability to absorb the smell and flavour of the tea. A fun fact is that the tea cup actually came before the tea pot!

Every teapot tells a story… 

As well as being tea lovers, we appreciate craftsmanship and the artistry of ceramics and the designs within teapots. Similarly to how every room tells a story, every tea pot tells a story. These 18th century Chinese teapots from The British Galleries at the Met Museum include portraits of women sewing.

Our admiration of costume and fashion can be found in various rooms throughout our hotels. Embroidery and design is especially celebrated in the Meadow Suite at Crosby Street Hotel, where an 18th century silk embroidered gown adorns the wall.

This British teapot from 1765 reminds us of our Tasha’s Trip fabric for Christopher Farr Cloth. The whimsical shape and detail of the flowers elevate a space and create a sense of character.

 This German teapot from the 18th century depicts a story of the harmony that is found through music.

The Terrace Suite at The Soho Hotel is dedicated to all things music. The headboard and sofa cushions were created to honour Soho’s famous music scene.

The intricate flower petals also remind us of Natasha Hulse’s hand designed appliqué headboards.

Here at our Design Studio we love combining the old with the new. When designing a room or space, it should feel as though the room has evolved with several layers that have been added through time. This ‘Hundreds of Antiques’ teapot is from the 19th century and pays admiration to a collector and their antique finds.

Antiques can be found throughout our hotels, find our tips to help you source and repurpose antique furniture here.

This Staffordshire made teapot from 1930 is decorated with playful floral, fruit, and vegetable motifs. It has underglaze slips in green, yellow and purple to create a unique and Bloomsbury inspired colour palette. It’s no secret that the work of the Bloomsbury Group has influenced our interiors.

One of our favourite rooms at The Whitby Hotel is room 1408. Designed by Minnie Kemp, it holds a special place in our hearts. The bespoke headboard by Kumi tells a story of a huntsman and his horse in a forest.

This rare Meissen Manufactory German teapot tells a similar story with its helmeted and bearded man. A dolphin replaces the horse and a mermaid holds on for the ride.

Speaking of creatures, adventure and tea we can’t forget about our Mythical Creatures collection for Wedgwood. This is a timeless design, where you discover more each time you look at it.

Our other Wedgwood collaboration is Sailor’s Farewell, where a folkloric story is told of a sailor’s loved one saying goodbye before his adventure to sea.

A similar story is told through this teapot from 1760, where a lustful character is waiting for her lover to appear.

We can’t forget to mention the artistry that is tea itself! Whether it’s a floral tea with jasmine and chamomile or a tea to let your imagination wander, we love everything about the ancient craft of blending herbs to create delicious tastes. Visit our hotels for some afternoon tea, or put your kettle on and say cheers to National Tea Day 2022!