Introducing Artists Corner

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We share five inaugural artists that we’ll be featuring in Artists Corner - a new and creative nook at Shop Kit Kemp that we’re excited to introduce to you...

We’re excited to announce the arrival of Artists Corner a new and creative nook at Shop Kit Kemp. Here we have curated a selection of unique artwork by some of our favourite artists, makers and craftspeople. Shining a light on emerging and established artists, Artists Corner is a treasure trove of handcrafted artworks and limited edition pieces and brings you the opportunity to add inspiring one-off creations to your home.

We’d like to share the five inaugural artists that we’ll be featuring in Artists Corner at Shop Kit Kemp.

SJ Axelby

We came across the wonderful SJ Axelby when she tagged us on Instagram in one of her painted interior illustrations of some of our favourite schemes. We were instantly drawn to her style and now will we be exhibiting her exquisite watercolour prints which are uniquely hand-framed for Artists Corner. Visit Artists Corner for SJ Axelby here

Laurance Simon

We have some surreal ceramics by Laurance Simon including jugs, vases and candelabras. Simon shows the endless possibilities of clay and its unique ability to tell stories in a three dimensional form. Her work borrows from the absurd whilst maintaining a whimsical element of familiarity and joyful characters. Visit Artists Corner for Laurance Simon here.

Robina Jack

Robina Jack’s main medium is intricately patterned ceramics and paintings on found wood. Through her work, you will find a distinctive aesthetic which celebrates nature, animals, horses and ships with a naïve touch in her brushstrokes that link very closely to her childhood spent in Oxfordshire. In the Drawing Room at Ham Yard Hotel, we’ve framed a collection of Robina’s plates in Perspex, they look so bold against the black felt backing.

We only have one item on Artists Corner available, so act fast if you want to add this unique piece to your collection! Visit Artists Corner for Robina Jack here

Colin Millington

Colin Millington exhibits two of his lyrical and whimsical wool-work illustrations. A retired sailor living on the Norfolk coast, Colin’s embroidered characters dance across sandy beaches and boats sail across whale filled seas. His work is based on the nautical tradition of British sailors practicing crafts whilst away at sea. Each work is beautifully hand framed by Kit Kemp Design Studio, ready for display in your home. Visit Artists Corner for Colin Millington here

Breon O’Casey

Breon O’Casey exhibits a series of limited edition linocuts. Son of the famous playwright Sean O’Casey, Breon became a renowned artist working with many mediums including sculpture and jewellery design. His use of space and colour in his works are instantly recognisable and make a wonderful addition to any room. Visit Artists Corner for Breon O’Casey here.

Kit Kemp Design Studio

We’re also including two framed pieces from Kit Kemp Design Studio. These fun and colourful works were appliquéd by hand and made in celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Visit Artists Corner for our Design Studio here.

Don’t miss the opportunity to add these beautiful and unique artworks to your home because once they’re gone, they’re gone! Visit Shop Kit Kemp and enjoy exploring Artists Corner here.