Celebrating Female Artists

Day to Day

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we've used this as an opportunity to revisit some of the most inspiring female artists who are currently displayed in our hotels...

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we’ve used this as an opportunity to revisit some of the most inspiring female artists who are currently displayed in our hotels.

Robina Jack at Ham Yard Hotel

Robina Jack’s main medium is intricately patterned ceramics and paintings on found wood. Through her work, you will find a distinctive aesthetic which celebrates nature, animals, horses and ships with a naïve touch in her brushstrokes that link very closely to her childhood spent in Oxfordshire.

In the Drawing Room at Ham Yard Hotel, we’ve framed a collection of Robina’s plates in Perspex, they look so bold against the black felt backing.

Vanessa Bell at Charlotte Street Hotel

Vanessa Bell was a British painter, interior designer, founding member of the Bloomsbury Group and sister to the writer Virginia Woolf. Her freedom of expression is deeply inspiring and her work has influenced many of our designs over the years.

Her post-impressionist paintings are distinguished by her delicate compositions, pronounced brushstrokes and rich colours.

Anna Raymond at Covent Garden Hotel

Energetic, colourful and vibrant, Anna Raymond’s work questions the everyday environment. Her use of combined techniques blurs the boundaries of traditional printing and highlights the main character of her work: “familiar images and icons to reveal an obsessive collection of thoughts, moments and memories”. Her work is in constant development in an exploration of the limits of printed textiles and new technologies.

You will find a few of her pieces in the library at Charlotte Street Hotel. ‘Basket of Flowers, 1933’ sits above the fireplace between two armchairs that pick out the painting’s colours and bring everything together, making it the focus of the room. A pair of paintings, ‘Wild Flowers in a Vase, c1920’ sit on the side of the room, centred to the wooden panels.

Sue Lawty at Haymarket Hotel

Sue Lawty’s use of two and three dimensional pieces through contemporary and unconventional materials creates an abstract and striking statement.

Eileen Cooper at The Whitby Hotel

Eileen Cooper’s work has been displayed at the Royal Academy of Art and the Victoria & Albert Museum, among other museums. The female figure and female identity has always been at the core of her artwork.

Her careful and thoughtful choice of materials, such as raphia, linen, stone and shadow, combine the historic and the contemporary, the traditional and the innovative. At Haymarket Hotel, her pieces hang in the lobby and in the conservatory.

Her artworks are diverse, they are bold yet tender, engrossing and readily accessible. ‘Dancing and Solitude’ is displayed in the theatre spill-out at the Whitby Hotel in New York.

Allyson Reynolds at Number Sixteen

Allyson Reynolds works with large-scale images of moths on white backgrounds. Her particular technique working “wet on wet” makes her pieces unique.

The subtle patterning and rich colouring within her painted moths appear to be part of the canvas. At Number Sixteen, they are placed above the sofa taking up the whole wall and harmonising with our Chelsea Textiles curtains.