Loose Ends

Day to Day

Tying up loose ends from last year, I'm listing the things I want to do, goals to aim towards and additions I'd like to make to my collections of art and craftwork. Here is a small glimpse of what's on that list including Adam Bray’s fabulous wallpaper, quirky products from Baola and trekking holidays with Mountain Kingdoms...

I know Christmas has been and gone, but us Kemps don’t go mad on presents. It’s usually sentimental gifts and handmade items that I remember and cherish the most. This year we made a pack of cards which were grouped together by twine. Each card featured one of our dog’s heads, comically transposed to a painted human bust belonging to an unsung hero of the past. I must add that we don’t have 25 dogs, but since two of my daughters have their own, our pack swells to eight at Sunday Lunch!

Here is our mutley crew giving us their paws for thought! Can you spot Impy, Paddington, Button, Rupert, Pixie and Bear?

Furniture with a twist

I sit on a ball in the office to help my back and posture and I’ll be swapping my plain black one with this playful design from Baola.

Art discoveries…

I absolutely love these early works by Markus Lüpertz: ‘Tent Paintings from the Sixties’. Taken from illustrations in a department store catalogue, the motif of the tent offered Lüpertz a way to further develop his ideas of abstraction and pictorial invention through theme and variation. I imagine how incredible these would look in our hotels and wish I had the chance to own some of these spectacular paintings.

Making your own greeting cards brings about endless possibilities to experiment with craft. Paper-cutting is a simple concept and can be used to create humorous cards like our dog heads, or elegant and detailed patterns. The end results are so effective. I’m always looking for ways to awaken ‘the maker’ in everyone and one of the most talked about chapters in my latest book, Design Secrets, is ‘Creativity at Home’. Take a look at these ideas on how a bit of creativity can spice up your life!

Tying up loose ends from last year, I’m listing the things I want to do, goals to aim towards and additions I’d like to make to my collections of art and craftwork. Here is a small glimpse of what’s on that list and perhaps this will jog your memory as to what’s on yours!

Something to scheme with…

I can’t wait to use Adam Bray’s fabulous ‘Brown Paper Stripe‘ wallpaper in a new scheme. Partnering with Hamilton Weston Wallpapers, Adam has created a collection with an understated chic twist on the 1960’s and 70’s trend for manilla papered walls.

I also couldn’t help noticing this quirky table lighter that’s modelled as a streetlamp, available from Adam Bray’s online shop.

A useful gadget… 

The Dyson Purifier humidify+cool has both function and style for a constantly changing atmosphere.

Something big for our hotels…

I’d love to have an open fire oven and I’m always in awe of the River Cafe’s hot pink one. Everything tastes better cooked on an open fire.

The experience…

My attention is often stolen by the 22 foot long art work of tiny stones by Sue Lawty which is displayed at the entrance of Haymarket Hotel.

When looking to arrange an ‘In Conversation’ with Sue last year, I learned she was busy exploring Nepal. This led her to alert me of the guided treks that Mountain Kingdoms offer. I want to put some time aside to go on a new adventure. Travel always provides an unlimited source of inspiration, so watch out as I embark on some exciting new explorations.

Here’s to 2022 being a year full of work and some well deserved play and adventure for us all!