The Leo Armchair

Day to Day

We’ve been busy perfecting the newest member of our furniture family – the Leo Armchair...

We’ve been busy perfecting the newest member of our furniture family – the Leo Armchair. Arguably the comfiest armchair in our collection, this snug and useful chair has a comfortable seat for you to sink into with a supportive back. It features tapered legs in deep mahogany with brass castors at the front and in some cases a handy side pocket to store your newspaper and reading glasses. It is our more refined and elegant version of the classic club chair.

When designing furniture, there is a vast amount of research and reference guides to refer to for suggested dimensions. Having tested our prototype, we decided to alter the dimensions ever so slightly for even greater comfort.

As the Leo Armchair is to be used as a lounge chair, we lowered the seat height to 450mm. This is important so you can sit back comfortably into the seat and keep your feet flat on the floor. The compact, roll-top arms are padded for comfort and we decided to raise these to help give additional support. The back was also given a steeper incline all in the name of comfort, but this also helps to give the chair a more elegant profile.

Finally, we decided to add buttons to the chair back. We took inspiration from this beautiful antique chair. We loved the shape of the chair back but wanted to create an even comfier version to lounge in. Don’t be afraid to look to other designs for inspiration. At some level all designs are inspired by the past.

We gave it a deep squishy seat and always ensure to upholster it in an incredibly soft and durable fabric.

Our Leo Armchair on Shop Kit Kemp has been upholstered in Kit Kemps’ Hedgerow Cerise fabric for Andrew Martin. We love the friendly mythical creatures and abundant fruit trees. Finished with a contrasting pink pipe, we think it makes for a lovely snug armchair.

Fabulous yet functional these armchairs are a versatile addition to so many of our schemes. We hope you’ve enjoyed this small round up of some of our favourites.