Talking Walls

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We believe that walls can tell a story. Join us as we explore some inspiring examples from our hotels...

We believe that walls can tell a story. Join us as we explore some inspiring examples from our hotels.

Here in the Suffolk Suite at Haymarket Hotel, we have upholstered the walls with an embroidered fabric. The design is one of our all time favourites and embroidery gives these walls a 3d effect. These walls feel like they have a unique identity.

A thin jute rope swivels down the cotton backcloth in loose floral shapes and is sewn over with blue stitching which varies in tightness. It has a wonderful tactile quality that we could gaze at all day.

In room 111 at Covent Garden Hotel you are transported to an exotic oasis of colour. The wallpaper has a tropical design and gives a sense of escapism as you are immersed by palm trees and sugar mills. The large scale illustration brings so much joy and intrigue to a bedroom that’s in the midst of London’s Covent Garden.

In powder rooms and small toilets, we like to go wild with colours and patterns. In a recent residential project, we upholstered the walls with this playful fabric that doubles as a display of an artist’s palette. This stunning spectrum of colour is beautifully illustrated by hand written notes and names, adding to the design’s authentic charm.

Over at The Soho Hotel in room 301, we have a linen feature wall that pays homage to Paul Klee, August Macke and Louis Moilliet’s ‘The Journey to Tunisia’ 1914 works. Oases, palm trees, huts and camels make up a dream-like world of images. This is a colourful combination that also evokes dreams of adventure and travel. What more could you want!

In Oscar Bar & Restaurant at Charlotte Street Hotel, three of the four walls are painted with a mural by artist Alexander Hollweg. Completed when the hotel opened in 2000, it is directly inspired by works from The Bloomsbury Group. Hollweg was definitely the right person for this job as he was so familiar with the very specific Bloomsbury palette that makes up this incredible work of art.

We hope you’ve enjoyed exploring these examples of unique and exciting walls. They make a wonderful opportunity to tell stories, provoke engagement and make a space truly remarkable.

Do you have a wall that talks to you? Share yours with us using #DesignThreads