The Crimson Bar

Day to Day

The Crimson Bar is a great example for how to dress a room without windows. It has character, drama and energy. Take a look at some of the design decisions we've made to make this space a special spot for getting together and socialising...

Welcome to The Crimson Bar. Set on the lower ground floor of The Soho Hotel, this private events bar is tucked away yet full of energy and excitement. The dark patterns of its upholstered walls make you feel like you’re entering an old fashioned speakeasy and we love how these dots and undulating lines create a sense of lively movement. They invite you to join the party!

An original Jukebox sits in a nook. Playing your favourite songs, it lights up with a joyful array of colours adding to the jazzy atmosphere. Guests can sit, drink and chat around circular pewter tables and the banquette seating is covered in a fun woven stripe with earthy browns, yellows and reds by designer Paul Smith. The stools have been upholstered in a red spotted design and they pack a punch against the dark walls.

At the end of the room you’ll find a pewter topped bar with low level pendant lights that bring a white sparkling glow from above. The back of the bar is mirrored, adding an extra dimension and depth to the room.

This space is a great example for how to dress a room without windows, creating character and drama.

Sitting opposite the bar’s long banquette is a line of slipper chairs which have been covered in an exciting combination of fabrics including a design on the upholstered backs by Jean Paul Gaultier. The graphic collage of scrapped metals act like works of art and create an electrifying impact. This is framed by the polka dot design.

The seating is designed to bring people together and encourage interaction. The red pillars create a focal point for the room and a black painted ceiling makes this space feel intimate and draws attention to the striking colours and details all around. It’s impossible to not feel energised by this!