Our Favourite Geometric Schemes

Day to Day

This week we are discussing our favourite bold, graphic and geometric bedroom schemes. It is these designs which are often the most tailored and striking...

This week for our Sleeping Around, we are discussing our favourite geometric bedroom schemes.

Jumping straight in, let’s take a look at this bold and graphic monochrome room at Haymarket Hotel. The headboard fabric is a fabulous black and white ethnic diamond print by Pierre Frey, contrasted against cinnamon leather piping. The smaller pattern on the bed cushions complements the colours of the headboard, whilst also creating a lovely juxtaposition between the large and small-scale prints.

Neutral fabric walling makes the perfect backdrop to the powerful patterns on the upholstery. We introduced pops of burnt orange to create a fun and playful contrast which brings the scheme to life.

Next up is this colourful scheme in room 100 at Charlotte Street Hotel. The headboard has been upholstered in a Mulberry fabric called Sundance, which plays with a combination of rich, earthy tones. We have picked out the cobalt blue within this fabric and covered the walls in a matching blue linen.

Travelling across the pond to the Big Apple we have suite 709 at Crosby Street Hotel in New York. We added a pop of colour and fun to the restful white walls with a punchy statement headboard. This geometric design by Pierre Frey is very bold, so we paired it with other patterns that are more subtle.

We played with plains to create the fun leading edge on the curtains, using a ribbon trim to create the navy blue zig-zag and echo the shapes in the headboard fabric.

The bed cushions are a favourite of ours. We designed these decorative cushions with wide Jim Thompson trims going in different directions. It is a fun way to make a cushion unique and interesting. We picked out the colours from the headboard fabric and replicated these tones to create a unified look.

Lastly, we have room 206 at The Soho Hotel. The walls have been upholstered in a two-tone blue denim linen which gives a lovely textured finish and provides a neutral backdrop for the varying geometric prints within the room.

On the back wall and taking centre-stage in the room is the curvaceous headboard. It is a bold pattern of a flourishing lotus flower. The crisp white backcloth allows the headboard to spring to life against the denim fabric walling.

The bed cushions in my ‘Small Way’ fabric are a repetition of the armchair, to create a rhythmic flow between the spaces. The fabric also carefully picks out the colourful hues within the lotus flower.

The sofa is upholstered in a powerful navy blue called ‘Denim Brut’ by Pierre Frey, piped in a bright contrasting tomato red leather.

The sofa scatter cushions echo the headboard fabric, helping to create a continuous flow and unified space. The two pieces of art above the sofa bring in a complementary orange and add a playful element of the unexpected!

We hope you enjoyed the tour of our favourite bold, graphic and geometric bedroom schemes. It is these designs which are often the most tailored and striking.