Kit Kemp’s Round Up: What I’m Scheming With

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We love to share our inspirations so I thought I’d share my favourite fabrics that myself and my team are currently scheming with...

Hopeless romantic with Jajim by Madeaux studio

We recently discovered this gorgeous fabric by Madeaux studio. For me it feels as though it was plucked from a beautiful English country house, yet the colours and use of a timeless stripe feel like they fit in a contemporary scheme – with the right combinations of course!

Fabrics are my thing. Give me lighting, artwork, sculpture and everything in between all day long, but to be sat with a treasure chest of beautiful found fabrics or given a few hours to while away in my fabric library in my office, I am in total heaven.

We love to share our inspirations and I thought I’d share my favourite fabrics that myself and my team are currently scheming with. There are so many wonderful fabrics out there and we wanted to shine some light on the ones that are really getting our creativity flowing.

Feel the flow with Wave by Fermoie

Whilst this fabric is relatively plain, for me its subtle movement and expression seen in its pattern is just the most divine fabric to bring into a scheme.

Something old and new with Pampus by Andrew Martin

Everyone knows I am forever hunting down wonderful found fabrics. One of my favourite fabrics to use is kilims and when the chance arises a gorgeous old Turkish or Peruvian rug.

Andrew Martin has created the perfect medium with “Pampus”. With bright and vibrant colourways available and at a gorgeous blanket-like weight, these are a wonderful injection into any scheme that needs a touch of something ‘found’.

Here at home, we have used an array of different found blankets and kilims for the dining table. If you’re finding them hard to source yourself, why not use a combination of Andrew Martin’s “Pampus”, available in five glorious colourways.

At The Whitby Hotel in New York, we used “Wave” on the walls of one of our newly refurbished bedrooms.

It gives so much vibrancy and movement to the corridor space and has been brought through and used again on the desk chair.

This fabric is so versatile and available in 16 colourways. We paired it with my Chainstitch fabric that sits on the generous and oversized headboard.

A new take on floral with Chainstitch by Kit Kemp Design Studio

Speaking of Chainstitch, we have recently developed some wonderful new colourways following our initial collection as seen on a recent blog post. These new variations on this very romantic fabric are hot, spicy, acid and generous. They brighten up the greyest of days and breathe such vibrancy into the new schemes we are developing.

The beauty of these fabulous new tones, aptly named “Rossferry”, “Meadow Lark” and “Happy Day”, is that they work with so many fun fabrics and colours since they themselves are made up of so many different tones dancing together.

These new colourways will be available soon through Hazleton House or via enquiry to

At Dorset Square Hotel, it has a more important feel in a formal setting as seen in this drawing room space.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this little look inside our treasure trove of fabrics that we’re coveting in the Design Studio.

We’d love to see what fabrics you’re scheming with at the moment – tag us in your mood boards and schemes over on Instagram with #DesignThreads.

Keeping it in the family with Kit Kemp x Christopher Farr’s Romany weave

Trying to choose my favourite fabric from my own collections is simply impossible , but one I love to use is one of our newer designs, “Romany” weave. I love how this fabric sits somewhere between tailored and crafty. The careful tonal composition within each colourway allows it to be used in many different ways.

Here, we paired it with a wicker sofa for an indoor outdoor feel.

Geometric fun with Moorish Maze by Rapture & Wright

Geometrics always make appearances in our schemes and “Moorish Maze” by Rapture & Wright is such a clever little design. It’s a small repeat so it doesn’t have an overpowering presence in a room, but at the same time it’s punchy enough to hold its own. We love them all the more as a brand because they have a big focus on sustainability, something that is much needed in the textile industry.