Pretty Precious Pendant Lights

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We have talked about our dos and don’ts on how to light up a room and we’ve talked about how we use table lamps, now it’s the turn of the pendant light...

We have talked about our dos and don’ts on how to light up a room and we’ve talked about how we use table lamps , now it’s the turn of the pendant light.

In its many forms and sizes, a pendant light’s purpose is to light up a room. However, it can also add a decorative element to a space through shape and colour. It is a design feature that can give personality to a room and should not be overlooked. Here are some examples of the beauty of the pendant light and how we use them to add character and make a statement in our rooms…

The ceiling in the restaurant at The Whitby Hotel is decorated with beautifully crafted eco-friendly PET plastic bottle lamps by Spanish designer Alvaro Catalan de Ocon. The installation works both as lighting and as an art piece that makes the space more playful and interesting.

The Drawing Room at Ham Yard Hotel is the stage for our crystal beaded galleon chandeliers. Quite different to anything else, when lit they transport you to a rather magical world. The proportion of the pendant within the space allows for a well-balanced room where the pendant adds a warm subtle touch, but lets the room breathe, allowing the fabrics to become the real protagonists.

In the Terrace Suite at The Soho Hotel we have used a Yves Klein Blue chandelier against our warm red and blue colour scheme. This contemporary chandelier adds unexpected drama to the room.

Up on the Roof Terrace, we have used a composition of rattan ball lights. Using lights in this way through a large space works very well to fill the area. The nature of the light’s material reflects the outdoors and by hanging them from a branch connects them back to the natural garden. The devil is in the detail!

In a more discrete way, this bedroom is dressed with a 19th century inspired antique lantern by Vaughan. The globe shape with solid bronzed brass finials emanates strength.

We always think the sky is the limit and that’s why we are never afraid of trying new and colourful things. In my recently renovated kitchen in London, we have played with the layering and heights of these beaded lampshades made from vibrant Kurdi aprons. It was featured on the cover of the August issue of Homes & Gardens magazine.

Alternatively, this elegant lantern, also by Vaughan, stands out for its clean lines.

The lights in the bar at Crosby Street Hotel in New York feel like floating bubbles. The explosion of colour adds energy to the space.

The dining room in the Oak Leaf Suite at Ham Yard Hotel has a unique example of pendant lighting. A collection of different size candles sit on a large rectangular hanging platform. The contrast between the two materials creates a warm dramatic mood within the room, perfect for dinner parties.

To add a touch of humour to Brumus Restaurant at Haymarket Hotel we have added a fun umbrella that hangs from the ceiling.

We have recently collaborated with Porta Romana to create a collection of lighting, which includes two mobile chandelier designs: Cloudy Robin and Rockin Robin.

The Rockin Robin chandelier is formed of porcelain and twine wrapped steel. Its delicate structure resembles a piece of modern sculpture, whilst the porcelain eggs give the chandelier an intimate and sentimental feel.

Sometimes a modest change can create a big impact. In a residential renovation in London, we swapped the lampshades on this pendant light to ones that come alive with a wash of wild flowers. Unassuming by day and emanating a familiar warmth by night, once lit from the inside the soft lines of the watercolours sing, blending together and allowing the flowers to dance across their canvas.

We hope you enjoyed this small tour through our pendant lights and hope that they have inspired you. Have you been able to spot any pendant lights in our interiors? Which one is your favourite?