Animal Kingdom

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As well as a love for colour, we have a fascination with nature. We have previously talked about our love for dogs and cats, however, our passion for animals goes beyond these four legged friends. We are delighted to welcome you to our animal kingdom...

As well as a love for colour, we have a fascination with nature. We have previously talked about our love for dogs and cats, however, our passion for animals goes beyond these four legged friends. Some might be more obvious to the eye, while others are tucked away. Today we are delighted to welcome you to our animal kingdom…

On top of this sideboard in the Crosby Suite at Crosby Street Hotel in New York, sits a small collection of cows. They add a fun and unexpected touch to this display. The subtle but colourful artwork in combination with the orange sideboard brings joy to the room. The hand painted cows add an extra layer of colour with their striking red, blue and yellow hues, contrasting against the more muted tones of the walls and flooring.

It’s often the unexpected that piques your curiosity and it is what we think makes our hotels so unique and special. In one of our events rooms at Crosby Street Hotel we’re sure you wouldn’t expect to find an almost life-size polar bear bookshelf.

This is Joe the Polar Bear and he is number 27 of the 50 of these pieces that were made. It is wonderfully sculptural, and in perfect harmony with its function as a bookshelf, the bear gets heavier, bigger and stronger as it is filled with books. To emphasise the space, we mounted a polar bear shaped mirror behind him that can be interpreted as his shadow.

At Covent Garden Hotel, we have used this same technique with a snail shape on the bed cushions. The same concept can also be seen in the Reading Room at The Whitby Hotel in New York, this time the design is of a bird.

Speaking of birds, you may notice our feathered friends have taken flight throughout our designs. When I designed the lights in the Orangery at The Whitby Hotel, I was inspired by a Parisian brasserie and wanted something grand, timeless and classic. I decided to hang these mixed metal parrots and toucans in amongst the glass votives, bringing in a quirky twist.

In The Crosby Bar and Restaurant, we have a wide range of animals appliqued onto the back of armchairs and stools. This is one of our signature designs: a handmade stencil shaped design which is then hand stitched onto the back of the chairs. They add character and give a fun touch with their contrasting colour.

Back in London, this room at Charlotte Street Hotel is a world of fantasy, peppered with birds, mythical creatures, towering trees and rolling hills that fade into the distance.

An array of imaginative creatures can be found if you look closely through the foliage and tall trees of the fanciful ‘Tall Trees’ wallpaper, now available to buy on Shop Kit Kemp.

Pay attention to the details and when you least expect it you will be part of our animal kingdom. This time, the under water world is the protagonist.

At Covent Garden Hotel, one of our rooms features a collection of six framed art pieces with different sea animals from octopuses to seahorses. The soft colours complement the mood of the room without going unnoticed.

These are only few of the spaces and animals that you will find around our hotels. Next time you visit, we hope you’ll seek out the creatures carefully woven into our designs and join us in celebrating our animal kingdom.

Our animal kingdom could not be complete without mentioning The Orangery at Ham Yard Hotel. With green and neutral colours it does really feel like you are stepping into nature. As you arrive, you are greeted by two camels that act as side tables. They are symmetrically placed and create harmony within the room.

It is the details that add depth and character and if you look closely you will understand why our animals make this room so special. The armrest of the sofa is finished with a head of a swan, our horse statues stand proudly amongst the shelves and a beautifully carved dog like side table adds interest to the space.

Whilst you are at Covent Garden Hotel you must pass by the Lyric private events room. A collection of 20 art pieces sit above the sofa, creating a gallery wall. In a different take on the animal world, these illustrations are more abstract and play with the art of geometry. The variety of colours pair beautifully with our upholstered Lost and Found chairs and Book End rug.