World Book Day

Day to Day

 As an ode to next week’s World Book Day, we thought it would be an ideal time to revisit some of the most charming libraries we have within our hotels...

World Book Day is celebrated each year on the 23rd of April. It marks the anniversary of the death of worldwide renowned authors, William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes. World Book Day was created by the UNESCO on April 1995 to recognise “the scope of books – a link between the past and the future, a bridge between generations and across cultures.”

When I think of reading, I think of a calm and comforting space with flexibility and one that will allow me to escape into another world through my imagination. As an ode to next week’s World Book Day, we thought it would be an ideal time to revisit some of the most charming libraries we have within our hotels…

The Library at Ham Yard Hotel is a hand-picked reading and reference library to inspire, entertain and inform. The collection includes a large section on London, its history, arts, literature, culture and politics and a wide selection on travel, world history and global issues. For those who want to escape there is an abundance of prize winning literature and thrillers. The brass plates are a guide to the categories and subject headings.

The Library at Ham Yard Hotel features floor-to-ceiling bookcases. The continuity of the library over many of the walls allows the space to feel bigger and more inviting. The walls are lined with my ‘Ozone’ fabric in collaboration with Christopher Farr in Smoke, with hand embroidered Suzani curtains from my Chelsea Textiles collection. The neutral colours of the room help to achieve an inviting space to switch off while reading. We also added a large honesty bar to encourage guests to make themselves at home by fixing themselves a cocktail, coffee or nightcap.

Have you ever visited The Soho Hotel? Similarly to Ham Yard, the Library at The Soho Hotel has a very neutral colour palette. Touches of green and the colourful lampshades bring pops of colour to liven up the room, making it an attractive, inviting and cosy space to lounge in.

World Book Day is also a day to highlight the importance of reading for children and the world of literature. Families often come to stay at Haymarket Hotel and a lovely feature we have implemented is our very own bedtime library bookshelf.

We have used both integrated and loose bookshelves to add some warmth and depth to the space. We want to make guests feel as if they are in their own homes, as if they know the space even though it may be their first time visiting it.

This is the perfect spot for children to read some of their favourite stories and make the most of the time they have in their luxurious bedrooms.

Our cute Patchwork Toys bring an extra spark of enjoyment, making children feel special and more at home. They are also available to buy via our Shop HERE.

Knightsbridge Hotel is another of our hotels that features its very own Library. It is a really unique and distinctive place that is characterised by the gorgeously lit ladder and wooden mushroom artworks, which sit pride of place on top of the writing desk.

In contrast to the libraries at The Soho Hotel and Ham Yard, the Library at Knightsbridge Hotel is full of colour with combinations of reds and blues, as well as touches of yellows and greens.

It is an ideal space for entertaining, relaxing by the fire or to indulge in a delicious Afternoon Tea.

If you look closer at the bookshelves, you will also be able to spot the quirky, bright neon blue book lights we have added to break up the bookshelves and give the space character.

If you are located in New York rather than London, don’t worry. You can still enjoy a spot of reading in the Drawing Rooms at our New York Hotels.

At The Whitby Hotel, we have created a light and airy space with a sumptuous feeling, encompassed by original artworks, an elegant mid-18th Century style fireplace and of course, a bespoke library collection.

Take some time out from the bustling New York streets and relax in this cosy spot with a book in one of our comfy armchairs and a drink in hand from our fully stocked honesty bar.

Happy Reading!