The Sound of Music

Day to Day

To celebrate the endless joy music can bring, this week we are going to show you the creative ways music is weaved into our designs...

You might listen to music on your way home after a long day, to help you concentrate while you work or maybe just to dance around the room to your favourite song. To celebrate the endless joy music can bring, this week we are going to show you the creative ways music is weaved into our designs.

We recently collaborated with the fashion designer, Clio Peppiatt, to create a one of a kind hand-embroidered headboard for The Soho Hotel’s Terrace Suite, in homage to Soho’s famous music scene.

The composition of the harp, the trumpet and the guitar embroidered on to the headboard makes you feel as though you are floating in a beautiful symphony and dancing among the clouds, daydreaming in a magical melody. The bed and sofa cushions match the headboard, embroidered with musical notes that emphasise the playful and harmonious theme around the room.

The Whitby Hotel and Ham Yard Hotel feature a Bollywood inspired wallpaper that was adapted from a tapestry cloth. It is a detailed composition and on closer inspection you will be able to see a handsome man charming a lady with a flute. Although a different style, Eileen Cooper’s painting ‘The Dancing and Solitude’ adds to the musical theme.

Apartment 24 at One Denman Place is the most spectacular apartment designed over two floors. A sweeping staircase leads up to a vast, light-filled living space with oak floors and floor to ceiling windows. The piano sits on the second floor, where you will be able to enjoy the views over the rooftops of Soho and beyond while tinkling the ivories.

Have you ever noticed the organ pipes at Ham Yard Hotel? This set of organ pipes were carefully sourced, welded together and boxed in Perspex. As well as creating an interesting musical focal point, the pipes have been used in an original and unexpected way as a room divider in the restaurant. They were originally so tall that they had to be cut down to fit the space. The beautiful hand-painted details make them a piece of art while showing a connection to music.


We love the fact that our hotels tell a story through visual artworks. It creates personality, character, originality and uniqueness. Music is another type of art, another form of expression and we like to play tribute to it by incorporating instruments and musical features into our interiors.

The spectacular mural by Alexander Hollweg in Oscar Bar at Charlotte Street Hotel was painted in 2000 and covers three sides of the room. It depicts the life of Bloomsbury in a contemporary London setting. Can you spot the gentleman playing the saxophone? What about the pianist?