The Chicken or the Egg?

Day to Day

Our new mission for lockdown is to raise hens and build a coop. This week, we’ve rounded up our favourite chicken coops for inspiration...

Yes lockdown number two is upon us. In these wild and uncertain times one needs a hobby. Outside the sycamore leaves are twinkling in vibrant rubies and rusty orange hues. Acorns adorn the grass like rich tertiary tapestries and going for a stroll in Hyde Park is like having breakfast at the Wolseley…it’s the place to be.

Things will be different this time, I have done away with any notion that I can make bread or learn a new language. No, this time I have a new idea, a new passion, not just a flimflam throwaway thought but a life goal. To raise hens and build a coop. This week, we’ve rounded up our favourite chicken coops for inspiration…

At Crosby Street Hotel in New York, our four Araucana chickens are living the highlife in our rooftop kitchen garden. We use their lovely blue eggs in the hotel’s restaurant and bar.

I love this country classic look with dolly bin planters, a pitched slate roof and wonderful old wooden shutters. It’s chic and sophisticated.

A raised coop will stove off that fox. I love this design and lovely olive green finish.

Perhaps a more industrial look with simple sleek lines and wrought iron door handles.

Something a little more folk arty….growing plants on the roof and a lovely stone raised bed around the pen, heaven.

We love the corrugated iron with oil paintings and a chandelier for these pampered chickens.

Wonderful and wild, creativity knows no bounds. This will certainly brighten up the garden.

Be inspired by the Wild West, quirky and fun!

The hotels may be closed but who says you can’t design one for your chickens?

Have you ever seen a Blue laced Wyandotte hen? Apparently they lay four eggs a week, great for the family.

As I browse looking for inspiration, my searches take on a more exotic turn. The Polish chicken catches my eye – look at that strong feathered head. They remind me of Mulberry cushions I once found at GP & J Baker with a pom pom trim.

Websites like Omlet and Smiths Sectional have been receiving unprecedented demands during the pandemic for their hen houses. Locked in Londoners want a piece of this chicken action. Whether it be a Rhode Island Red or the glamorous Lavender Perkin, these little dinosaurs are sure to keep us out of trouble.

If you have chickens or an amazing coup please tag us @kitkempdesignthread and watch this space for updates on the design during lockdown. To be continued…