Kit Kemp: Guest Editor for Homes & Gardens

Day to Day

I am delighted and honoured to be the first Guest Editor of Homes & Gardens magazine in its 101-year history...

I am delighted and honoured to be the first Guest Editor of Homes & Gardens magazine in its 101-year history. What I have always loved about Homes & Gardens is its enthusiasm to tackle all aspects of design, but best of all giving us ideas on how to achieve a look in a practical but pleasing way. It is wide ranging and informative.

In this post, we will be highlighting some of our favourite features from the magazine, or you can purchase a copy here.

Meet the Maker

I am best known for my love of colour and craft. Colour makes us happy and craft is an intrinsic part of our domestic history. Craft is often undervalued with makers remaining anonymous, and their talents under the radar. I thought now is the opportunity to highlight some of the many craftspeople and artisans we admire. ‘Meet the Makers’ is a feature of my favourite artists, makers and potters. It makes us realise it is never too late to change course in life with rewards and satisfaction to reap in the process.

In this special issue of Homes & Gardens, we meet the potter Robina Jack, prize-winning watercolour landscape artist Juliette Losq and Colin Millington, the Norfolk-based wool worker.

We also celebrate the works of ceramics specialist Katherine Cuthbert and Dutch mixed media artist, Carla Kranendonk. These unique pioneers are united in their ability to redefine traditional forms of craft for modern spaces.

We share our top tips on how to take a lost and forgotten chair and recover it in a colourful and interesting way to give it a new lease of life.

Take a Seat

In ‘Take a Seat’ we look at our favourite creative upholstery ideas and how to make a chair look fresh and different, from appliquéd details to a handy pocket for your newspaper and reading glasses.

Cover to Cover

Our friends at ‘Much Ado Books’, an independent bookshop that has become a hub of creativity in the village of Alfriston in Sussex, suggest a selection of their must read titles for the month.

We also take a look at Reading Rooms and Libraries, showing how to turn a corner of your home into the perfect reading area with just a little attention to colour, space and light.

Discover how a forgotten chimney alcove can become the perfect reading nook, how to mix old and new and banishing the idea that libraries should only be dark mahogany and leather.

Life & Soul

In ‘Life & Soul’,  I invited Homes & Gardens into my own home in the New Forest in Hampshire.

An Indian Jewel

I particularly enjoyed selecting the houses. I love homes to be full of character, to be artistic and have integrity and soul. Bujera Fort Hotel in Udaipur is an exotic flight of fancy in India.

Richard Hanlon’s hotel is an intriguing blend of Anglo and Indian designs, where country house floral fabrics sit alongside embellished embroidery hand stitched by local artisans. I love an eclectic mix but there is always a design thread running through each room.

Our home is a celebration of craft, from hand embroidered Indian throws to vast shields from Papua New Guinea. I like work that has been done by hand – pieces that aren’t immaculate.

My Garden Life

We also talk to urban beekeeper Camilla Goddard, whose aim is to create thriving bee communities in our cities, installing her hives at locations throughout London including our rooftop garden at Ham Yard Hotel.

I hope this issue inspires you to turn every page with curiosity and interest – giving ideas to make your home more individual and original.

After all, homes should accomplish many functions but first and foremost they should bring joy into our lives.

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