A Rainbow of Rooms: Thank You NHS

Day to Day

The rainbow has become a symbol of support to show solidarity with NHS workers on the frontline and is a sign of hope for many patients and staff in hospitals across the country...

The rainbow has become a symbol of support to show solidarity with NHS workers on the frontline and is a sign of hope for many patients and staff in hospitals across the country. We would like to express our sincerest and eternal gratitude for the courageous work of our NHS staff.

We hope our ‘rainbow of rooms’ uplifts and inspires during this incredibly difficult time.


In room 407 at Charlotte Street Hotel ,the colour red takes centre stage. The Tissus d’Helene ‘Les Oiseaux Enchanté’ fabric in Lacquer Red on the headboard creates a striking contrast against the moody grey linen walls. Flashes of complementary red are used on the end-of-bed-stool and valance kick-pleats to balance the room.


You can’t help but smile when you enter this bright and sunny room at Charlotte Street Hotel. The navy accents create a vibrant contrast between the walls and upholstery.

Gaston y Daniela’s ‘Orlando’ fabric on the headboard and bed cushions ties the scheme together and softens the room by breaking up the block colours.


Room 209 at Haymarket Hotel is a celebration of orange. Blithfield’s more traditional ‘Hadleigh’ floral fabric is used on the headboard, paired with their abstract ‘Saltaire’ design on the curtains. This combination adds a contemporary twist, against the plain orange linen on the walls. 


One of our Terrace Suites at The Whitby Hotel in New York is a celebration of my most recent collection for Andrew Martin. We have used ‘Hedgerow Cerise’ on the headboard and bed cushions and ‘Friendly Folk’ in Basil Green to line the walls. This uplifting colour scheme adds a sense of calm and freshness to the room, a perfect urban retreat. 


At The Soho Hotel this ombre wallpaper adds drama to the space. The strong Pierre Frey ‘Namibie’ fabric in indigo, used on the headboard and tub chairs, is a reproduction of a ceremonial hanging from Cameroon dating to the early 20th century, traditionally used by tribes during ceremonials. The flash of orange used to pipe the chairs, on the end of bed stool and used in the valance kick-pleats is the perfect sharp contrast giving the blue even more depth.


In Room 1101 at Crosby Street Hotel, we started with a sky blue linen on the walls. We used ‘Tasha’s Trip’, one of my fabrics from my latest collection with Christopher Farr Cloth on the curtains. We created a bespoke beaded collage design on boiled wool for the headboard. The careful stitch-work and detailed floral designs are a beautiful addition to the room.


Pink is not strictly a colour of the rainbow but we couldn’t resist! Soane’s ‘Indian Parrots’ on the oversized headboard was the starting point for this scheme at Crosby Street Hotel in New York. The design is traditional but as soon as it’s paired with the fresh horizontal striped curtains and the quilted ikat textile on the stool and chair, the space immediately feels calm, vibrant and modern. 

Recently, two stories from the NHS have brought a smile to my face. It gives us joy to know that Franky, one of our design team, has just given birth to baby Max.  He looks so tiny and brand new.   We can’t wait to meet him very soon. Welcome to our world baby Max Mayhew.

We have also been inspired by Captain Tom Moore, a 99-year-old Second World War army veteran who set out to collect £1,000 for the NHS by walking 100 laps around his garden before his 100th birthday at the end of the month. So far, Tom has raised an incredible £32 million, as hundreds of thousands of people have donated to his fundraising page.

We hope you enjoyed our rainbow. Stay home, stay safe, stay colourful!