Turning the Tables

Day to Day

Regardless of the style of table or the space in which it belongs, we always try to turn the tables on functionality, by combining purpose with beauty and interest...

A table is an important element in any room. It can set the tone in a dining room, become the focal point of a scheme or simply hold a cup of tea whilst you relax with a book.

In an entrance or a library, a round central table guides the guest to circulate a space. In our hotel lobbies, you will always find a showstopper table adorned with an ever-changing impressive flower arrangement or a careful composition of delightful objects.

At The Whitby Hotel in New York, a whalebone leg table holds an ethnic selection of vases.

In the library at Ham Yard Hotel, a 19th Century oak table displays an assortment of humorous domes of toadstools and the Queen surrounded by soldiers.

In the Drawing Room at Ham Yard Hotel, a re-purposed butcher’s block stands proud in front of the large crittall windows overlooking the courtyard. The visible knife marks and elaborate ox heads suggest its previous use, creating a story and adding character to the scheme.

In a dining room, a central table sets the tone but often the real focal point is a unique console table against the back wall.

A fine example is this neoclassical console table, topped with a complementary and equally decorative mirror in the Lafayette Room at Crosby Street Hotel. These ornate pieces are placed centrally between two antique armchairs on a mirrored wall, amplifying their drama and grandeur.

At Crosby Street Hotel, a large scale Bard painting with an impressive mother of pearl console table in contrasting graphic colours greets our guests in the lobby. It is a striking combination and the lovely grainy feet are perfectly associated with the footprints our guests make on their global journeys.

A side table is as important as the chairs that surround it. Dinosaur Designs make the most beautiful hand-poured resin objects, from jewellery to furniture. This side table is the perfect piece to rest a cup of tea on and adds interest to the Drawing Room at Ham Yard Hotel. Alongside this side table are three beautiful and unique burnt wood and slate coffee tables which introduce an organic texture into the space.

Organic and raw materials are such an important feature in our hotels. There is nothing like the feel and look of a beautiful piece of wood. Bringing natural pieces into the hotels is one of our favourite ways to make a room feel warm and comfortable rather than grand. An aged wooden table lends an instant tactility and familiarity. This intricate teak console table is made from the roots of a fallen tree and is a beautiful reminder of nature when passing through The Whitby Hotel in Manhattan.

In Room 109 at Charlotte Street Hotel, a stacked wooden asymmetric side table, which is one of our own designs, graphically contrasts against the large scale Melissa White mural of soft and willowy trees.

Regardless of the style of table or the space in which it belongs, we always try to turn the tables on functionality, by combining purpose with beauty and interest.