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Dance Moves

“Art, love and humanity have the power to inspire and even to heal.”
Ivan Putrov

Former Royal Ballet stars Ivan Putrov and Alina Cojocaru (Oleksandr Putrov/PA)

On Saturday, there will be a special one-off Dance for Ukraine gala at the London Coliseum. We hear tickets are completely sold-out, but we wanted to celebrate the idea. It will be a beautiful spectacle featuring some of the very best dancers from the Royal Ballet, Paris Opera Ballet and English National Ballet, including one of my favourite dancers from Russia, Natalia Osipova. It is a wonderful reminder that art transcends cultural boundaries, uniting individuals and communities over a common love and appreciation for the arts. There is nothing else quite like it.

The evening has been organised and directed by the former Royal Ballet stars, Ivan Putrov from Ukraine and Alina Cojocaru from Romania. Alina Cojocaru and Ivan Putrov trained together in Kyiv as young students before studying at London’s Royal Ballet School and entering The Royal Ballet. They were some of the youngest principal dancers in the Company’s history. As their dance journey began in Kyiv, both dancers want to show their support for Ukraine at this terrifying time of conflict.

Ivan Putrov said, ‘The Gala is about taking a stand for human values. Our unity strengthens the message. Everyone’s participation will help someone just like them who found themselves in dire circumstances due to violence of war. Dance, music and art move the world, not violence. Since we, the artists, possess the gift – we must use it.’

Alina Cojocaru said, ‘Mere words can offer little in the face of such suffering and the loss of innocent human lives. Art, love and humanity have the power to inspire and even to heal. In this spirit we will unite on the 19th to dance and offer what help we can.’

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