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Creating Statement Headboards

Statement headboards are synonymous with our design at Firmdale Hotels.

In bedrooms, headboards are a great way of introducing drama and detail. We collaborate with very talented textile artists who create detailed applique and unique embroidered designs.

One of our favourite artists is Kumi. Kumi is half Japanese and her mother sends over old and damaged kimonos which are transformed into her exquisite designs. If you look closely at the headboards, you can see a new level of detail, with a collage of fabrics which have been hand-dyed and block printed.

We are currently designing a series of complementing headboards and bed cushions, which are inspired by and harmonise with the ‘Mythical Creatures’ wallpaper, designed by Melissa White and I.

Left - Bespoke applique headboard at The Whitby Hotel. Right - ‘Mythical Creatures’ wallpaper by Kit Kemp and Melissa White

The starting point for the headboard design is to sketch out the composition onto the ‘Flora’ shaped headboard, selecting a Mythical Creature as the centre of each design.

Selecting the composition for the headboard and cushions

The next stage is collaborating with the textile artist to choose colours for the applique.

Selecting colours for the headboard

We can’t wait to see the final design for the cushion covers too.

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