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Crazy About Cushions

We are known for revisiting and refreshing our interiors, but doing so doesn’t always require an entirely new scheme. Cushions are a fabulous and effective way to transform your sofa and revive a space. They offer an affordable way to introduce a new colour or pattern to your existing scheme. The power of a cushion is not to be underestimated!

We’ve put together some considerations that are worth making when you look to bring cushions into a new or existing scheme.


Play around with patterns of all shapes and sizes. A range of print sizes helps to bring the whole look together. Always aim to have at least two contrasting patterns on your sofa.


Begin by choosing a base colour for your cushions and from here you can introduce additional cushions in reciprocal colours. You can also look at colours within existing patterns to direct your base colour. Our guide to mixing geometric and organic patterns is full of tips to help you bring patterns and colours together. Be sure to look around your room as cushions should complement other elements such as curtain fabric and wall colours.

Kit has used her fabric ranges to make stunning cushions. Available from Shop Kit Kemp, her cushions make a statement on any chair or sofa.

Here are some inspiring examples of how we’ve incorporated Kit’s cushions into our schemes.

The Conservatory at Haymarket Hotel Get the look…
‘Ozone’ Green‘Tea Leaf’ Aqua | ‘Travelling Light’ Pistachio

The Library at Haymarket Hotel Get the look…
Flower 3 | Blue Scallop | Blue Duo

The Library at The Soho Hotel Get the look…
Mythical Creatures | The Criss Cross Trio | Suzani

The Drawing Room at Charlotte Street Hotel Get the look…
Flower Power Duo | Flower 1 | Circle

The Drawing Room at Covent Garden Hotel Get the look…

Chainstitch Oatmeal | ‘Friendly Folk’ Provencal Yellow | Mixed Tones

We’d love to see how you revive your schemes with cushions. Share with us on Instagram and tag @KitKempDesignThread.

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