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Out and About: Craft Workshop Weekend

We recently held our first craft workshop weekend at Ham Yard Hotel, and what fun we had!

In this special two day workshop we delved into the world of two inspiring makers, Natasha Hulse and Melissa White, to learn how to create floral appliqué masterpieces with a bespoke hand-painted frame.

Artists Natasha Hulse and Melissa White

With two days full of creativity, laughter and learning, here’s a look at what we got up to…

The workshop weekend began with a guided art tour from Kit Kemp, who gave an insight into her personally curated art collection and the design of Ham Yard Hotel.

For a glimpse into what the tour included, tune into one of our new videos from The Firmdale Art Collection where Kit and Willow Kemp take you on a journey through some of their most inspiring pieces.

With our creative juices flowing, we headed to the Windmill Room where Natasha taught us how to use fabrics, paints and appliqué to create our own three dimensional floral designs.

Natasha brought a portfolio of her work to show us what can be achieved. The detail and intricacy of her craft can seem daunting at first, but she guided us every step of the way.

With the first day complete, we spent the evening celebrating Halloween. After putting the clocks back for daylight savings, the extra hour was a welcome addition to our jam packed weekend.

Now it was time to create frames for our creations. On day two of the workshop, we joined Melissa who showed us examples of her work and other painted frames for inspiration.

After teaching us how to apply a base coat to the frame, she showed us how to add texture with paint and create patterns with brushstrokes.

Everyone took home their individual artwork – just look at the variety of work created!

Thank you to all who attended and to our workshop leaders, Natasha Hulse and Melissa White. Here’s to many more inspiring craft workshop weekends!

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