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Covent Garden Hotel ‘A Grande Dame’

We see a personality in all of our hotels and Covent Garden Hotel is our ‘Grande Dame’. This hotel celebrates the beauty and grandeur of British tradition and design. The history of a site or building should always be reflected when creating a scheme. Join us as we explore how Covent Garden Hotel captures its rich and eclectic past through design and interiors.

Covent Garden Hotel was originally a French Dispensary as highlighted by the building’s exterior brickwork which reads ‘Nouvel Hopital et Dispensaire Francais’. Preserving this building was integral to our design process. As you enter the hotel, embroidered needlepoint curtains drape from the ceiling and separate the lobby from the reception area. This creates a feeling of drama and a heightened sense of arrival. In the centre is our antique conversation chair – a charming focal point where guests can perch and enjoy this theatrical space.

To the right of the lobby there are large arch windows and doors that lead you to Brasserie Max. Here the walls have a specialist paint effect in a soft green hue that illuminates the space and creates a contrast against the dark woodwork. Artworks include an eclectic mix of antiques, Victorian paintings and Perspex framed fish sculptures. We have blended old world wonder with contemporary flair to achieve a sense of romantic escapism.

A grand staircase leads you to the hotel’s Drawing Room.

There are wooden panelled walls which have a weight of history as they originally adorned the walls of the League of Nations’ former London headquarters. We rescued these golden maple panels and refitted them to give the space a sense of warmth and create an additional layer of character. The room is complete with 18th and 19th century antiques and fabrics which show unique needlepoint and embroidery. This space is a celebration of traditional workmanship, where the beauty of craft has been preserved.

Our affection for dogs and other furry friends is no secret and they often inspire our designs. In the Drawing Room you’ll find traditional 18th century paintings such as Cavalier King Charles Spaniels chasing pheasants as well as dogs from the Scottish Highlands. Displayed throughout the space, they bring a sense of joy and playfulness.

The wooden panels continue in Tiffany’s Library. This room is named after Kit’s daughter and has an old world charm. Shelves are filled to the brim with books and this is a perfect place to nestle and relax with a good book.

We hope this tour of our ‘Grande Dame’, Covent Garden Hotel has highlighted how design can be used to preserve a site or building’s history whilst giving a sense of culture and tradition. There is something so romantic, timeless and comfortable about traditional schemes. See also our blog post: Nostalgic Design – Traditional and Timeless Bedroom Schemes.

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