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Cooking With Schemes

Savour the artistry of Kit Kemp’s Design Studio, where a love for design meets a hearty appetite! Join us on a culinary journey, showcasing our top favourite dishes and drinks from our restaurants. Each dish is a harmonious blend of flavours and aesthetics, inspired by our room schemes and designs.

At our restaurants, you can start your day with a delightful breakfast, featuring a variety of egg styles, including cooked, poached, scrambled or fried. However, our favourite egg is our unique Rockin’ Robin, a glowing porcelain egg light meticulously crafted in collaboration with Porta Romana. Its warm glow gracefully enhances the ambiance of our hotels, adding a touch of elegance to your morning ritual.

One of our beloved dishes is the Poached Eggs, Crab and Avocado on Toast, reminiscent of the vibrant fabric Under the Sea by Schumacher. This mouthwatering dish exudes a zestful energy, much like the intricate embroidered crabs adorning the fabric.

At Crosby Street Hotel, relish our famous Tricolore salad, a simple yet elegant dish mirroring our passion for harmonising colours in our room schemes. The vibrant trio of red, white and green hues perfectly complements the serene ambiance of the drawing room below.

In our warm and inviting bedroom schemes, we embrace yellow, orange and earthy tones to create an intimate atmosphere that counteracts the chill of cooler climates, enhancing the overall ambiance. A dish that evokes the same essence of autumn and winter is our warm and comforting Pumpkin and Sage Tortellini with garlic and parsley from Brumus Bar & Restaurant at Haymarket Hotel.

The Whitby Bar & Restaurant’s Lemon tart with crème fraiche is definitely a crowd pleaser. This creamy and smooth desert effortlessly melts in your mouth. The fresh and zesty lemon is combined with an airy sugary cream. We have brought this dessert to life at Covent Garden Hotel, where we have used Fanny Shorter’s Margo fabric on the headboard. This bright and sunny scheme makes the headboard an enchanting focal point.

Quench your thirst with The Lawbreaker at Charlotte Street Hotel’s Oscar Bar & Restaurant, a tantalising blend of alcohol and tangy sweet grenadine syrup. Inspired by the romantic pattern of Malati by William Yeoward, a room at Crosby Street Hotel features pomegranates, echoing the essence of this exotic drink.

These featured dishes are just a glimpse of the culinary delights awaiting you at our hotels. Join us for the grand opening of our new restaurant at Warren Street Hotel in New York City on February 1st 2024, where a sensational culinary experience awaits!

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