Fabric Focus: Zig Zag


Join us as we take a look at the vibrant and lively 'Zig Zag', an exciting new fabric and wallpaper with Christopher Farr...

Today’s Fabric focus is on ‘Zig Zag’, an exciting new fabric and wallpaper collaboration with Christopher Farr, available in a variety of captivating colourways. Inspired by the dynamic interplay of movement, rhythm, and energy, this design reflects a passion for playful geometry and bold hues, drawing inspiration from the lively compositions of artist Sean Scully. Whether adorning walls or upholstery, ‘Zig Zag’ injects a sense of dynamism into any space, stimulating the senses and infusing depth and vibrancy.

Our ‘Zig Zag’ fabric is available in Berry, Indigo and Hot Pink (shown below).

Our ‘Zig Zag’ wallpaper is available in Poppy, Cobalt and Slate (shown below).

In the Warren Street Bar & Restaurant and The Orangery, ‘Zig Zag’ seamlessly intertwines with our spaces, creating a unique contrast against the classic Pierre Frey ‘Au Bord Du Lac’ 17th-century Aubusson tapestry-inspired wallpaper. This blend harmonises old-world charm with modern flair, adding a contemporary twist to the French brasserie ambiance.

With the opening of Warren Street Hotel this year, we seized the opportunity to showcase ‘Zig Zag’s’ striking pattern, adorning the walls above the reception and throughout the lobby. The repetitive motif mirrors the architectural lines and vastness of the city skyline, echoing the exhilarating experience of navigating New York City’s bustling streets.

In Apartment 10 at Ham Yard Hotel, the juxtaposition of geometric and organic patterns exudes joy and vitality, with ‘Zig Zag’s’ lyrical lines providing a lively contrast to the floral fabric adorning the walls, curtains, and wing chair, anchoring and invigorating the space.

‘Zig Zag’s’ refreshing ‘Indigo’ colourway infuses your designs with a burst of vitality. This bold pattern, reminiscent of ocean waves, offers a contemporary twist on classic interiors, breathing new life into timeless elegance. The ‘Kit’s Wing Chair’, below, is available to buy on Shop Kit Kemp.

In room 401 at Charlotte Street Hotel, we embraced the versatility of the ‘Slate’ wallpaper, offering a neutral yet unexpected palette reminiscent of dusty landscapes and the spirit of safari, embodying our love for travel and adventure.

We hope you’ve enjoyed taking a closer look at ‘Zig Zag’, read about our full collection here.